1000 Years (or More) [A Love Worth Waiting For]
1159 [11:59 Central Standard Time]
1-2-3-4 [1-2-3]
12:01 AM [Whatcha Doin' Tomorrow]
2 Galway Girls [The Galway Girl]
2-Stepping Around [Dancing to a Heartbreak Song]
3 Tequila Floor
5 Leaf Clover
21 Forever
50 Reasons (to depend on me) [You Can Depend On Me]
98.6 [98.6 Degrees and Fallin']

A ‘Be Together’ Night [It's a ‘Be Together’ Night]
A Big Love [Big Big Love]
A Cold Beer [Half Of Me]
A Country High
A Country Man [What It Takes To Be A Country Man]
A Country State Of Mind [Country State Of Mind]
A Crying Shame [Is It Cheating (feat. Colter Wall)]
A Double Whiskey [That Was The Whiskey]
A Drink In My Hand
A Farmer's Wife
A Heavenly Body
A Hero AB [Holding Out for a Hero]
A Kind Of Hush [There’s A Kind of Hush]
A Kiss Goodnight [Just a Kiss]
A Little Bit Closer [Come a Little Bit Closer]
A Little Bit Gypsy [Little Bit Gypsy]
A Little Bitty Baby [Cottonfields]
A Little Temptation [Temptation]
A Little To Late [Its A Little To Late]
A Lot Like That [Ain’t Love a Lot Like That]
A Million Times [A Million X]
A Perfect Day [Stay the Night]
A Rockin' Good Way (Absolute Beginner) [A Rockin' Good Way (to Mess Around and Fall in Love)]
A Rockin' Good Way (Beginner) [A Rockin' Good Way (to Mess Around and Fall in Love)]
A Shot of Jose Cuervo [Grain of Salt]
A Slice of Paradise [Travel Plans]
A Tender Night [One Tender Night]
A Thousand Stars [Ten Guitars]
A Thousand Ways
A Trucker's Wife [The Woman Behind the Man Behind the Wheel]
A Waltz For Megan [Amazing Grace]
A Woman’s Love [A woman Loves]
About Feeings [Mixed Drink About Feelings]
About Time [How Long Will I Love You]
Above And Beyond
Absolutely [Absolutely Everybody]
Ace In The Hole
Aces And Eights [Full House, Empty Heart]
Adalaida (Choreo - O'Reilly)
Adalida Stomp [Adalida] (choreo - Wylie)
Afire With Desire [Such a Night]
Africa Bum Bum
Africa Jack [Mamma Africa]
After The Weekend [Saturday Night]
Aiko Shako [Aiko Aiko]
Ain't Gonna Bottle It Up
Ain't Love A Lot Like That
Ain’t Misbehavin’ [Misbehavin’]
Ain't No Chains [I'll Be There If You Need Me]
Alabama Slammin’pdf icon [If You Want My Love]    
Alcohol On It [Put Some Alcohol On it]
Alibis Waltz [Alibis] [West Texas Waltz]
Alice [Living Next Door To Alice]
All I Am Is You [All I Am]
Alligator Rock [Wrapped Around]
All Shook Up
All That [I Said All That To Say All This]
All The King’s Horses [Out of Sight]
All You Need [All You Really Need is Love]
Almost A Good Thing [Good Thing]
Almost Jamaica (Choreo - Firth & Halls - 64 count)
Almost Jamaica (Choreo - Napier - 32 count)
Almost Saturday Night
Always 17 [Seventeen]
Always Humble [Humble]
Always Will [ Always Have, Always Will]
Amaze Me Grace [Amazing Grace]
Amazing Grace (Beginner) [soundtrack of Maverick movie]
Amazing Grace (Choreo - Jenkins & Watson) [soundtrack of Maverick movie]
Amazing Gracepdf icon (Choreo - Rachael McEnaney) [sountrack of Maverick movie]    
An Affair Of The Heart
And Then I Kissed Her
And We Danced
Angel Lies [You Are No Angel]
Angel Of The Night
Angel Rock [Rock and Roll Angels]
An Irish Waltz [Beautiful Meath]
Another Song [Another Song I Had To Write]
Are You Listening [Swing Baby]
Are You Missing Me [Missing]
Around The Fire [Old Country Barn]
As Long As There’s Loving Tonight
As Love Is My Witness

B.H.G. [Broken Hearted Girl]
Babe That's Love [That's Love]
Baby Belle [The Belle of Liverpool]
Baby Bubbles [Love Done Gone]
Baby Don’t Rush [Don’t Rush]
Baby I'm Burning
Baby Kate [Sister Kate]
Baby Kisses [My Baby’s Kiss]
Baby Nimby [Your Backyard]
Baby Why Not Tonight [Why Not Tonight]
Backroad Nation
Back To The Wild Side [The Wild Side of Life]
Bad Seed
Bang Bangpdf icon    
Banjo [Bring Down The House]
Bar Room 2 Step [Victim of Life’s Circumstances]
Bar Room Romeo [Don't Rock the Jukebox]
Bar Room Rose [Bar Room Roses]
Bartender's Stomp [Baby Likes to Rock It]
Be A Better Man [Gettin' You Home]
Beach Boogie
Beat Me Daddy
Beautiful Day [A Beautiful Day]
Beautiful Noise
Beautiful Sunday
Beautiful Woman [When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman]
Because Of You [Olivia]
Bed Of Roses
Beethoven Boogie [Boogie & Beethoven]
Before He Cheats
Before You Love Me [Leave Before You Love Me]
Beginner Stroll [San Antonio Stroll]
Behind The Clouds
Behind Those City Lights [City Lights]
Bella Itallia
Bella's Cha Cha [Third Rate Romance]
Belle Amor [Rebelde Amor]
Be Mine
Better Than Ever [Better Than You Left Me]
Better Times [Better Times A Comin’]
Beyond The Sea (Choreo - C Archer)
Beyond The Sea (Choreo - G Elliott)
Bible And A Bus Ticket [Bible and a Bus Ticket Home]
Bicycle Waltz Too [Les Bicyclettes De Belsize]
Big Blue Tree
Big Country Sky
Big River Remix
Bird On A Wire
Birmingham Turnaround
Blackboard Of My Heart
Black Coffee [Black Coffee] [Sometimes When We Touch] [Must've Had A Ball] [Don't Worry Baby] [Oasis]
Black Dresses
Black Hawk Strut [Walking, Talking, Crying, Barely Beating Broken Heart]
Blackpool By The Sea
Blame It On The Wine
Blown Away
Blueberry Chill [Blueberry Hill]
Blue Birds [Over The Rainbow]
Blue Country Waltz [Blue Country Song]
Blue Jean Baby [Dancin' On A Satruday Night]
Blue Kentucky Girl
Blue Moon Shuffle [Blue Moon Nights]
Blue Night Cha [Blue Night]
Blue Rose Is
Blue Side Of Lonesome
Blue Umbrella Blues [Blue Umbrella]
Blurred Linespdf icon    
Blurry Lines [Blurred Lines]
Boardwalk Time [Under the Boardwalk]
Bobbi With An Ipdf icon    
Boiling Point [Burning Love]
Bombshell Party Stomp [Bomshel Stomp]
Bonaparte's Retreat
Boogie Shoes
Boogie Woogie [Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy]
Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Bootscootin’ Woman (Beginner/Intermediate)
Bootscootin’ Woman (Intermediate)
Boots On
Bored [Bored to Death]
Borrow My Heart
Bosa Nova [Blame It On The Bossa Nova]
Bossy Boots [Boots]
Bottom Of The Bottle
Bow Legged [Anyway The Wind Blows]
Bow-Legged Boogaloo [Anyway The Wind Blows]
Boyfriend Of The Year [Favourite Boyfriend of the Year]
Boyspdf icon [Boys Will Be Boys]    
Boys Will Be Boyspdf icon    
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Break On Through [Want Me Too]
Bridges To Your Heart [Building Bridges]
Bright Lights And Country Music
Bring Down The House
Bring On The Good Times
Brings You Happiness [Before The Next Teardrop Falls]
Bring You Happiness AB [Before The Next Teardrop Falls]
Brinson's Request [That’s Just About Right]
Broke As [Broke (feat. Thomas Rhett)]
Broken Hearted
Broon Sauce [Whole Lotta Lovin’]
Brown-Eyed Girl
Built To Last [Under The Hood]
Burlesque [Welcome to Burlesque]
Burning Blue [Old Flame Burning Blue]
Burning Inside
Bye Bye Mambo [Bye Bye (pipiccolissima)]

Cabo San Lucas
California Stomp [A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome]
Calypso Mexico
Calypso Mexico EZ
Candle In The Wind
Can I Count On You
Cannibal Stomp [Cannibals]
Can’t Even Get The Blues [Can’t Even Get The Blues No More]
Can’t Stop Me Now
Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango [I Can't Tell a Waltz From a Tango]
Caribbean Pearl [The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Radio Edit)]
Caribbean Plans
Carry You Home
Case Of Love
Catch Me If You Can
Catch The Rain [Sunshine in the Rain]
Cathy’s Clown
CC Cooler [All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down]
C’est La Vie [You Can Never Tell
Cha Cha Lengua [Un Momento Alla] [Blue Rodeo]
Cha Cha Romo [Todo Todo Todo]
Chains Of Gold
Chains Of My Heart [Take These Chains from My Heart]
Champagne No Ice [A Woman's Needs] (Beginner)
Champagne On Ice [A Woman’s Needs] (Intermediate)
Champagne Promise
Changed For The Better [Changed Everything]
Charlie’s Shoes
Cheap Cologne
Cheap Cologne AB
Cheating Heart [Your Cheating Heart]
Cheeky Ch Cha [If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body]
Cherokee Swing [Cherokee Boogie}
Cherry Bomb
Chica Boom Boom [Boom Boom Goes My Heart]
Chicken Fried
Chicken Walk Jive [Come Back My Love]
Chill Factor [Last Night]
Chocolate City Hustle [Bop] [Big Foot Stomp]
Christmas Kiss
Christmas Rock
Christmas Twist
Cinco De Mayo
Clap Ya Hands [Happy Man]
Clinging To You
Coastin’ [Lord of the Dance]
Codigo (choreo - Stott)
Codigo (choreo - Mitchell)
Cold Cold Heart
Cold Heart [Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)]
Come Dance With Me
Coming Home
Coming Home AB
Come On Baby Let's Twist [The Twist]
Come On Over [Come on over to my Place]
Come Sway With Me [Sway]
Come What May [To Be Loved By You]
Comp Dance
Concrete & Country
Continental Polka [Alice]
Cool Chick [Please Mama Please]
Could’ve Been The Whiskey [Wasn’t That A Party]
Country 2 Step [I Just Want My Baby Back]
Country Boy Lovin'
Country Bump [Countrty Music Made Me Do It]
Country Medley
Country Touch [Country Boys]
Cowboy Boogie [Living On Love]
Cowboy Cha Cha [Neon Moon]
Cowboy Cute, Cowgirl Crazy
Cowboy For A Night
Cowboy For A Night 2
Cowboy For A Night EZ
Cowboy Honky Tonkin’ [Too Much Time At The Honky Tonks]
Cowboy Hustle [Heartaches by the Number]
Cowboy Joe [Ragtime CowboyJoe]
Cowboy Rhythm [Four by Four]
Cowboy’s Sweetheart [I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart] Original 40 count version
Cowboy’s Sweetheart [I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart] Amended to 32 count from 40 to fit the music
Cowgirl's Twist [What The Cowgirls Do]
Cowboy Yoddle Song
Crazy [You Drive Me Crazy] (Beginner)
Crazy [You Drive Me Crazy] (Beginner/Intermediate)
Crazy Cha [Smilin’ Song]
Crazy Day Job [Day Job] (Day Job - is the Beginner/Intermediate level dance to the same music)
Crazy Foot Mambo [If You Wanna Be Happy]
Crazy For You [Only You]
Crazy Nights In Dublin Town [Temple Bar]
Crazy Postman [Please Mr. Postman]
Crispy Chicken [Praise the Lord]
Cross My Heart [Don't Be Cruel]
Cross Over [Don’t Let Me Cross Over]
Cruel [Don’t Be Cruel]
Cruel Intentions [Don't Be Cruel]
Cruisin’ [Still Cruisin']
Cry Cry Cry [Cry To Me]
Crying In The Rain [Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain]
Crying Time [It Only Hurts Me When I Cry]
Cry To Me
Cry To Me 2 [Cry To Me]
Crystal Cha [Every Time You Take Your Time]
Crystal Touch [Slow Hand]
Cute Boot Scooter

Daddy’s Hands
Da Doo Ron Ron
Dance All Night
Dance For Me [Doing It]
Dance Her Home
Dance Our Way [The Old Fashioned Way]
Dance Ranch Romp [Every Little Thing]
Dance The Night Away Cha Cha [Dance The Night Away]
Dance With A Stranger [Dancing With a Stranger]
Dance With Me [Crash and Burn] (Choreo - Linda Burgess)
Dance With Me [Dance With Me Tonight] (Choreo - Robbie McGowan Hickie)
Dance With Me 2night [Dance With me Tonight]
Dance With Me Tonight (Intermediate)(Choreo - Peter & Alison)
Dance With Me Tonight (Beginner)(Choreo - K. Tripp)
Dancing Cowboy Hats [Honky Tonk Time Machine]
Dancing in the Kitchen
Dancing In The Tub [Splish Splash(I was taking a Bath)]
Dancing In White [A White Sport Coat]
Darlin', Who's Darlin' [Who Did You Call Darlin']
Day Job (Crazy Day Job - is the Intermediate level dance to the same music)
Dedication To My Ex
Deep River [River Deep, Mountain High]
Devil’s Dance [If The Devil Danced in Empty Pockets]
D.H.S.S. [A World of Blue] [Coffee]
Diamantina Dream
Diamond In My Pocket
Dim The Lights [The Kind of Love We Make]
Ding Dong [Ding Dong, Sing My Song]
Did You Ever
Dig Your Heels [Here’s To You & I]
Dirt Road Dancing
Disappearing Bubbles [Love Done Gone]
Dixie Rd [Dixie Road]
Do It With Style [Style]
Dolly’s Heartbreak Express [Heartbreak Express]
Don’t Call Me
Don't Cry Bachata [Don't Wanna See You Cry]
Don’t Drink the Waterpdf icon (32 count - Improver)    
Don’t Drink the Water (48 count - Intermediate)
Don't Rock The Jukebox
Don't Set Me Free [Foolish Heart]
Don't Take The Goodtimes For Granted
Don’t Tell Me What To Do
Don't Worry Baby (Beginner) [Love Done Gone]
Don't Worry Baby (Improver)
Do The Jukebox [Juke Box Jive]
Double Down Two Step [Chip and a Chair]
Double Duchess Hustle [Sold]
Double R Dee [River Road Dream]
Do What You Can
Do WhatYou Dopdf icon [That’s What I Like]    
Down At The Honky Tonk [Down To The Honky Tonk]
Down On Your Uppers
Down To One [One]
Do Ya'
Do You Love Me
Draggin' Your Boots [Stop Draggin' Your Boots]
Dreamers in a Dreamer's World [Only Dreamers]
Dream Lover
Drift Away
Drinkaby (Choreo - McEnaney)
Drink Drank Drunk
Drinkin’ Bone Boogie [Drinkin’ Bone]
Drip Droppin’ [Start Without You]
Drive By (Beginner/Intermediate)
Drive By (Intermediate)
Drive By (Intermediate/Advanced)
Drop Me Gently
Dr Wanna Do
Dry Town
Dust To Dust [Dust]

Each Season [Each Season Changes You]
Eagles Rock [How Long]
East To West [From Coast to Coast]
East To West 17 [Play That Song]
El Paso
Elvis Rock (Beginner)
Elvis Rock
Elvis Tonight
Everybody Loves A Lover
Everybody's Talking [Monday Mornin' Missin' You]
Everyone Needs A Hero [Holding Out for a Hero]
Every Female [Female]
Every Other Memory
Everything I Have [Everything I Need]
Everything I Love
Every Time She Walks By
Excuse Me [Excuse Me(I Think I've Got a Heartache)]
Eyes For You [I Don’t Want Nobody To Have My Love But You]
EZ Waltz [Shake Me I Rattle (Squeeze Me I Cry)]

Face The Music [More Than Friends]
Faded Dreams [Ain't Got A Shot]
Fading Lights [Little By Little]
Faith, Hope & Love
Faithful Soul [Faith's Song]
Fall In Love [Never Gonna Fall In Love]
Fallin’ To Pieces Again [I Fall To Pieces]
Far Side Banks Of Jordan
Fast Hearts And Slow Towns
Feeling Kinda Lonely [Feeling Kinda Lonely Tonight]
Feelin’ the Feelin’
Feel Right
Feel The Beat
Feel The Magic [Hungry Eyes]
Feet On The Floor [Head In The Sky]
Finally Free
Firecracker [You Set My Heart On Fire]
First In Line [I Want To Be The First One]
First Prize Cowboy [You Ain’t Dolly (And You Ain’t Porter)]
First Waltz [Latter Day Cowboy]
Fishin’ In The Dark
Five O'Clock Somewhere [It's Five O'Clock Somewhere]
Flat Nail Joe
Flat Top
Flip Flops [Let's Take It Outside]
Flip, Flop & Fly
Float Ya Boat [I Was On a Boat That Day]
Flobie Slide [It's All Right (I'm Holdin' on to Love)]
Fly Like A Bird
Flying High [Bluebird]
Follow Your Arrow
Fool Such As I [(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I]
Foolish Heart [Don't Pretend with Me]
Fools Like Me
For All Seasons [Love Me With All Your Heart]
Forever In Blue Jeans
Forgive And Forget [I Don't Believe That's How You Feel]
For The Longest Time [The Longest Time]
Friday [It’s Friday]
Friday At The Dance
Friend In Need
Frisky [I Wish That I Could Fall In Love]
Funny Face

Galway Girls [The Galway Girl]
Galway John
Gambling Man [The Gambling Man]
Gentleman’s Waltz [Jim Reeves Waltz Medley]
Georgia Twist [Georgia Peaches]
Getcha Girl [Getcha]
Get In Or Get Out
Get In We're Off
Get It Right [Hard Not To Love It]
Get Outta My Car [Get Out Of My Car]
Get Rollin' [High Time]
Get To You
Get Up Dance [Get Up Dance (Radio Kriss Evans Edit)]
Get Your Feet Down [1-2-3]
Ghost Rider [Ghost Riders in the Sky]
Ghost Train
Giddy On Up
Gin & Tonic [Love Drunk]
Girl Behind The Mask [Masquerade]
Girl With The Fishing Rod
Give Me Love [Can’t Give Me Love]
Give My Love To Rose
Givin' Up Breathin'
Glass Of Wine [Cry To Me]
God's Been Good [God's Been Good To Me]
God’s Plan
Going Crazy [Driving Me Out Of Your Mind]
Going Going Gone
Goin' Goin' Gone [Paradise]
Going Loco [The Locomotion]
Going Potty [It’s All Going To Pot]
Go Johnny [Johnny B Goode]
Golden Dream Waltz [I'd Love You All Over Again]
Golden Wedding Ring [Golden Ring]
Go Mama Go [Let Your Momma Go]
Gone West
Gonna Be Alright [Tonight’s the Night]
Good Girl [But I Am a Good Girl]
Good Thing
Good Time
Good Time Girls
Go Seven [Seven Lonely Days]
Got It Wrong Cupid [Cupid]
Got No Reason
Graeme’s Beach House [A Beach House In The Blue Mountains]
Green Door
Green Green Grass
Graffiti [Never Coming Down]
Grandpa’s Piano (Choreo: Smith)
Grandpa’s Piano (Choreo: Simpkin/Imms)
Greater Than Me [Greater]
Grundy Gallop [Sold]
Gypsy Lady [My Maria]
Gypsy Queen AB
Gypsy Queen
Gypsy Rose [Say, Has Anyone Seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose]

Half Past Tipsy [1 2 Many]
Hands Up [Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)]
Hanky Panky [Hank Williams Medley]
Happy Dance [Af en Af]
Hard To Find [Mamacita]
Have I Told You [Have I Told You Lately, That I Love You]
Have You Been Told [Have I Told You Lately That I Love You]
Have You Ever See The Rain
Having A Party [Cuttin' Up B&S Style]
Head In The Sky
Head Over Heels [You’re My First Love(Head Over Heels)]
Heartaches & Honkytonks
Heartbeat Highway
Heart Like A Wheel [Swamp Thing; The Wheel Of Love; Some Things Aren't Meant To Be]
Heart Of An Angel
Hearts On Fire
Heart Throb [I’m Only In It For The Love]
Heaven Is My Woman’s Love
Heaven On Earth [Ave Maria]
Heaven's Jukebox
Heaven With You
Heel Strut Jive [As Long As There’s Loving Tonight]
Hello Again
Hello Dolly
Hello Jo [Hello Josephine]
Hello Summer
Here’s To Us
Here We Go [Here I Go]
Here You Come Again
Her Memory [Talkin’ To Her Memory Again]
Hey Baby
Hey Hoalina [Cherokee Boogie]
Hey Senorita AB
Hey! Soul Sister
Hidalgo Boogie
Hide The Photo [Face to the Wall]
High & Dry
High Cotton
High Hopes
High Test Love
Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll
Hitch A Ride [Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico]
Hit The Road Jack
Hokus Pokus [A Fear of Falling]
Holding Back The Ocean
Holding On [Holding On To Love (To Save My Life)]
Hold Me Now
Hold On [Up]
Homecoming Queen
Homegrownpdf icon    
Homesick Heart [Homesick]
Hometown Heartbreak
Homeward Bound [Take Me Home]
Honey Bee Boogie
Honey I’m Good (Choreo: Lefebour & Lamb)
Honey I’m Good (Choreo: Biggs & Metelnick)
Honey Pot [Honey Honey]
Honky Tonk Delight [A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome]
Honky Tonk Forever [Hello Honky Tonk]
Honkytonk Heartache
Honky Tonk Player [Playin' Every Honkytonk in Town]
Honky Tonk Side Of Town
Honky Tonky Stomp [I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried][My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You]
Hookin’ Up
Hot Rod Heart
Hot Tamales [Country Down to My Soul]
Houdini EZ
Houston Hustle [Buckle Hit's The Floor]
How Cold
How I’ll Always Be
Human - Dancer [Human]
Hush Little Baby [Summertime (Up Tempo version)]

I Always Will
I Close My Eyes [Ich mach meine Augen zu]
I Come To You [Open Arms]
I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight
I Fell For You
I Got A Problem
I Gotta Brand New Girlfriend [Brand New Girlfriend]
I Hope It's Hot Out [Hope It's Hot Out]
I Know I'll Smile Again [I’ll Do It All Over Again]
I Like Girls That Drink Beer
I Like It, I Love It AB
I Love A Rainy Night
I Love CC [Cornell Crawford]
I Love Her So Much [How Could I Love Her So Much]
I Love You Goodbye
I Love You
I Need You Now [Need You Now]
I Only Want To Be With You
I Remember [Remember When]
I Run To Youpdf icon    
I Saw Linda Yesterday
I Swear
I Walk The Line [I Walk The Line Revisited]
I Walk The Line (amended - with a Restart and a Tag) [I Walk The Line Revisited]
I Walk The Line (Revisited)
I Will Follow Him
I Will Go With You [Wherever You're Going]
I Won't Back Down
I Won't Let You Gopdf icon    
I Wonder [I Wonder In Whose Arms]
I'd Tap That [Tap That]
I'm Good At Leaving
I'm In Love
I’m No Goodpdf icon [I’m No Good (For Ya Baby)]    
I'm On Fire
I'm On My Way [Toora Loora Lay]
I've Seen It All [All I Need To See]
Ice Cream Freeze
Ice Cream Freeze (Contra dance)
If I Ever [If I Ever Need A Lady I’ll Call You]
If Not For You
If You Ever Gonna Love Me [I'll Be There]
Imelda's Way [Inside Out]
In Mexico [Down in Mexico]
In My Shirt [You Look Good In My Shirt]
In Our Blood
In Out And In Between [The Cowboy Rides Away]
In The Summertime
In Your Backyard [Your Backyard]
Infatuation [WhenYou Ask About Love]
Inspiration [Heaven In My Woman's Eyes]
Irish Polka [Back To Tourmakeady]
Irish Rover [The Irish Rover]
Irish Stew
Irish Summer [I Want To Be In Ireland For Summer]
Is It Friday Yet
It Feels Like Rock 'N Roll [Feels Like Rock 'N Roll]
It Hurts
It Never Rains [It Never Rains in Southern California]
It's All Right [I'm Holding On To Love (To Save my Life)]
It's Makebelieve
It's Only Midnight
It's Only Natural [Why Did it Have to be Me]

J-Walk [Walking to Jerusalem]
J & M Mambo [Johnny & Marie]
Jack's House [Livin' In The House That Jack Built]
Jamaica Farewell
Jersey Boys
Jessica (Choreo - Sorensen)
Jessica (Choreo - Wyllie)
Jim And Jack And Hank
Jive Time [Way It Should Be]
Joana [Come Early Morning]
Joey On The Fiddle
John Wayne Walking [John Wayne Walking Away]
Jose Cuervo
July Saturday Night [Springsteen]
Jump On A Ride [Don’t Turn Around (SC Version)]
Jump On An Easy Ride [Don’t Turn Around (SC Version)]
Just A Kiss (Choreo: Roz & Steve)
Just A Kiss (Choreo: Robbie McGowan Hickie)
Just A Memory [Memories Are Made Of This]
Just A Minute [Wait a Minute]
Just A two Step Away [Love is just a Two Step Away]
Just Across The Rio Grande
Just Call Me Lonesome
Just Give [Just Give Me A Reason]
Just In Case
Just Rockin’ [Rockin’ Robin]
Just Want to Dance With You - EZY [I Just Want to Dance With You]

Kacey's Moon [Neon Moon]
Keepin' It Country
Keep It Simple
Keep Up
Kick A Little Dirt [Kick A Little Dirt Around]
Kick A Little Dirt Around (Choreo: Fowler & Barton)(Advanced)
Kick A Little Dirt Around (Choreo: Bishop)(Upper Beginner)
Kick Around [Your Backyard]
Kick Up Your Heels
Kill the Spiders [You Need a Man Around Here]
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Kiss Me Mary
Kiss Me Quick
Kiss Off [If I Was a Woman]
Kleen Boots [Country Ain’t Never Been Pretty]
Knee Deep
Kokomo Cocktails [Kokomo]

La Bamba
Lady In Red
La Luna [Stand by Me]
La Luna Learner [Stand by Me]
Labour Of Love [Labor of Love] [First Love]
Land Of Enchantment
Last Romantic [The Last Great Romantic]
Latin Crazy [I’m Crazy]
Lay Low
Leavin’ & Sayin’ Goodbye [Leaving and Saying Goodbye]
Leaving Of Liverpool [The Leaving of Liverpool]
Left RIght Out [Left Right]
Legend [Feeling Good]
Less And Less
Let It Swing
Let It Be You
Let’s Dance
Let’s Go Linedancin’
Let’s Laugh [It Only Hurts When I Laugh]
Let's Ride
Lets Turn Back The Years
Let The Little Girl Dance
Letting Go
Let U Be Right [Let You Be Right]
Let Your Love Flow (Choreo - Darmaji) (Beginner)
Let Your Love Flow (Choreo - Gauci) (Intermediate)
Liars Liepdf icon    
Life Of The Party [Think Of You]
Lift Me Up
Light Broon Sauce [Whole Lotta Lovin’]
Light Of The Moon [Under The Light Of The Moon]
Lights On The Hill
Like A Fine Wine [Love Takes Time]
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood [We’re Here To Stay]
Line Dance Party
Liquid Lunch
Liquid Sunshine [Have You Ever Seen The Rain]
Liquor And Love [Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind)
Listen To The Radio
Little Bluff [You Lied To me]
Little Devil
Little Fiesta [Como Te Quiero Mi Amor] [Bongiorni Zappoli]
Little Less Broken
Little Liza Jane [Liza Jane]
Little Old Country Me [Country Girl]
Little Ol’ Kisses
Little Red Book [You’re More Than A Number In My Little Red Book]
Little Red Indian Drums [Red Indian Drums]
Little Rhyme Or Reason [It Happens] (Beginner)
Little Sisters [Sisters]
Little Whistle [Whistle on the Wind]
Live Laugh & Line Dance
Living Doll
Living On Love AB
Loch Lomond
Lonely Blues [Mr Lonely]
Lonely Drum
Lonely Girl
Lonely Lady (Choreo: Blankenship/Sholes)
Lonely Lady (Coreo: Elliott)
Lonely Lady (Choreo: Wyllie)
Lonely Lovers [Lonely Women Make Good Lovers]
Long Gone
Long Time Gone
Looking For You [I've Been Looking For You]
Looking Up
Lord Help Me [Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person]
Louisianna Swing [Home To Louisianna]
Love Button
Love Calls
Love Grows [Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)]
Love Is All Around
Love Is In The Air
Love Is Like [Love Is]
Love Letters
Love Me Hate Me [Better At My Worst]
Love Me Love Me [Amame]
Love Me [I’ll Be There If You Need Me]
Love’s Gonna Live Here
Love’s Highway [Don’t Really Matter]
Love Sick Blues [Hank Williams Lonesome]
Love Worth Waiting For [A Love Worth Waiting For]
Love You A Million Times [You’re My First Love(Head Over Heels)]
Love You Now
Loving You
Lucky Lips
Lucky Punch
Luna Lite [Stand By Me]

Mack The Knifepdf icon    
Mad About Mambo [Mega Mambo]
Magic Moments
Make You Sweat [Uhh La La La]
Mama & Daddy
Mama & Me [Mamas]
Mamma Maria
Man In The Moon [Mr. Man in the Moon]
Mandolins In The Moonlight
Man Of My Word
Marching Home [Johnny Come Lately]
Margadaiquiri [One More Drinkin' Song]
Margarita [Margaritaville]
Marli's Dance [Roller Coaster]
Marry Me
Martha Divine
Martini Time [Donde Estas, Yolanda?]
Marvin Gaye (Choreo - K Sholes) (Beginner)
Marvin Gaye (Choreo - J Talbot) (Intermediate)
Mary Mary [Mary]
Mary’s Jive [Hello Mary Lou]
Matrimonial Waltz [Between Husbands and Wives]
Maverick [What You Do To Me]
Maverockin’ [As Long As there’s Loving Tonight]
Memory Lane
Memphis Backstep [You Don't Have to go to Memphis]
Memphis Tennessee
Merry Christmas Everyone
Mexicali [Mexico]
Midnight Walk [Walkin’ After Midnight]
Millie’s Tip [Millie]
Missing Link [Baby I Miss You]
Missing You
Money Money Money
Montana Mambo [Papa Loves Mambo]
Moody Blue [Moody Blue] (Beginner)
Moody Blue [Moody Blue] (Improver/Intermediate)
Moody River
Moonlight Kiss
More And More And More
More Than Just A Two-Step [We Didn't Have Much]
Most Of All [I Miss You]
Mountain Of Love
Mountains Of Love [To Be Loved By you] Renamed as Come What May
Move A Like [Moves Like Jagger]
Movie Night [Saturday Night At The Movies]
Mr Jukebox
Mr. Sandman [ Mr Sandman]
Muma’s Dance[Shortenin’ Bread]
Must Be The Whiskey
My Bestie [Iko Iko (feat. Small Jam)]
My Broken Heart [Broken Heart]
My First Love (Carol Mckee)(Waltz)
My First Love [You’re My First Love(Head over Heels)] (Robbie McGowan-Hickie)
My First Reaction
My First Steps (1 Wall no restarts) [I Should Have Watched That First Step]
My First Steps (1 Wall 1 Restart) [I Should Have Watched That First Step]
My First Steps (4 Wall 1 Restart) [I Should Have Watched That First Step]
My Kinda Folk
My Ladies Rhumba [Hear My Song]
My Last Tear [I've Cried My Last Tear For You] [All of Me]
My New Life [High Class Lady]
My Next Broken Heart
My Next Broken Heart EZ
My Pretty Belinda [Pretty Belinda]
My Red High Heels [Red High Heels]
My Veronica [Veronica]

Need No Sunshine [Bar Room Roses]
Neon Blue
Neon Hearts [Broken Neon Hearts]
Neon Rose
Neon Vegas Lights [Dance With Me]
Never Coming Down
Never Gonna Grow Up [I Ain't Gotta Grow Up]
Never Live Without You
New Friends
New Patches
New Shade of Blue
Next To Me
New Train
Nimby [Your Backyard]
Nobody’s Fool [Nobody’s Fool But Yours]
No Matter What
No More [Little White Church]
No More Teardrops
No Particular Place To Go
No Place Like Home [Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under] [Kansas City]
No Place To Go [Radio Dancing]
North To Alaska
Not A Heart Ain’t Been Broken [Whiskey Under The Bridge]
Nothing But You
Nothing New [Nothing New, I’m Missing You]
No Trouble [Old Dan Tucker]
No Truckin' Way [No Truck Song]
No Way Jose’
Now [It’s Your World Now]
Now And Then [Every Now and Then]
Nuovo Mambopdf icon    

Off The Beaten Track
Oh Me Oh My Oh
Oh Suzannah
Oh Yeah [Blame it on Your Heart]
OK I’ll Sign [Alright I'll Sign The Papers]
Oklahoma Boogie [From Oklahoma With Love]
OK With Me [No U In Oklahoma]
Old Love [My Old Love in New Mexico]
Olivia - This dance is now titled - Because Of You
Once More [Love Me One More Time]
One [Down to one]
One & One & One
One & Only [Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow]
One Call Away (Choreo - Shelly Zimmerman)
One Call Away (Choreo - Josh Talbot)
One Dance, One Rose, One Kiss
One Good Reason [Give Me One Good Reason][I sang Dixie][Calling in the Wind]
One Less Day [One Less Day (Dying Young)]
One Margarita
One More Time - Oh Yeah [One More Time]
One Step, Two Step [One Step Forward]
One Woman Man
One Horse Town [One In A Row]
One Way Ticket
Only Dreamers
Only You [For Only You]
On Second Thoughts [If I Can Find A Clean Shirt]
On The Bayou
On The Waves [Walking On The Wave]
On This Night [On This Night of a Thousand Stars]
On Your Way Down [Pick Me Up On Your Way Down]
Open Book
Our Love Is Alive (Stumblin' In) [Stumblin' In]
Out & Jump
Out Of Sight
Out Of The Blue [Blue Clear Sky]
Outside Looking In
Outta Salt [Salt]
Over The Rainbow Swing [Over The Rainbow]

Paddy’s Choir [Place In The Choir]
Patient Heart
Patsy Fagan
Pavement Ends - The Florida Dance [Where The Pavement Ends]
Peaches And Cream [You’re Sixteen]
Pearly Shells
Peas In A Pod [We’re A Lot Like Each Other]
People Are Crazy
Peppy Toe [Pepito]
Perfect - Easy [Perfect]
Piano Man [Shake Your Boogie And Roll]
Pick A Bale [Pick A Bale Of Cotton]
Pick A Pocket [Too Many Pockets]
Pick Her Up
Pick Up Your Phone [634-5789]
Pillows [Painting Pillows]
Places & Faces [Take Me Home]
Playing With Fire [Fighting Fire with Fire]
Play Me A Dancer [Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song]
Play That Song
Pollyanna [Everybody Loves A Lover]
Poor Little Fool
Por Ti Sere
Potato Man
Practice Makes Perfect Cha Cha [One Night at a Time]
Pretend [Pretend (Special Dance Mix)]
Proud Mary Burnin’ [Proud Mary by Glee Cast]
Push For The Stride

Que Sera (Music by Dave Sheriff) (Beginner/Improver)
Que Sera (Music by Justice Crew) (Intermediate)
Que Sera La La La [Que Sera by Justice Crew]

Radio Dancing
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O [Raggle Taggle Gypsy]
Rainy River
Raised Like That
Ramblin’ Rose
Reach Out
Rebel Amor [Rebelde Amor]
Red High Heels
Red Hot Salsa
Red River Valley (32 count)
Red River Valley (64 count)
Reflection [Da Roots (ITG or Folk Mix)]
Returned It Broken [Baby You Broke It]
Reunited [Undivided]
Rhyme Or Reasonpdf icon [It Happens]    
Ride Away [Ride With Me]
Ridin’ The Rodeo
Right or Wrong (Choreo - Elliott)
Right Or Wrong [You Were Right](Choreo - Hickie)
Ring Of Fire [Burning Ring of Fire]
Rings And Roses [Take Your Roses and Your Rings]
Rio [Patricia]
Rio Magna [By The Rio Grande]
Ritmo [Ritmo (Radio Edit)]
Riverbank Stomp [River Bank]
River Road
Rivers Of Babylon
River Town
Road House Rock [Used to be a Country Town]
Rock-A-Billy Rebel [Rockabilly Rebel]
Rock Around The Clock
Rocket To The Sun [What You’ve Done To Me]
Rockin’ The Trolls
Rock & Roll Kiss (Beginner) [Rock and Roll Kiss]
Rock & Roll Kiss (Improver) [Rock and Roll Kiss]
Rock ’N Roll Waltz
Rock N Roll Bride [I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock and Roll]
Rock This Town
Rock Paper Scissors
Rodeo Queen
Rollin' Home
Rolling In The Deep (Choreo - Maggie Gallagher)
Rolling Thunder [Give Me Heart a Rest]
Romeo Tonight [Romeo]
Rose Of My Heart
Run To You Shuffle [I Run to You]
Running Through The Changes [Nothing I Can Do About it Now]

Safe In My Arms EZ [My Arms]
Salt n Lime (original)
Salt n Lime (version with no turns)
Same Beer [Same Beer Different Problem]
Same Thing Happened To Me
San Antonio Bay-B [San Antonio Baby]
San Antonio Rose
San Francisco
Sangria Sun [Sangria]
Saturday Night Stomp [Texas Saturday Night] (choreo: D. Cheshire)
Saturday Night Stomp [Texas Saturday Night] (choreo: V. Hodge)
Saved My Soul [A Stranger Saved my Life]
Save It For A Sunny Day
Scootin' Bootin' [Country Dance]
Scotia Samba [Dance The Night Away]
Sea Salt Sally
Seasons Of Love
Seein’ Double [Feelin’ Single, Seein’ Double]
Sensuous Woman [Woman Senuous Woman]
Settin ’n The Woods On Fire [Setting the Woods on Fire]
Sevens [Seven Lonely Days]
Sexy Baby [If You Want My Body]
Shame & Scandal In The Family [Shame & Scandal]
Shame On Me (Beginner)
Shame On Mepdf icon (Easy Intermediate)    
Shang A Lang
She Likes To Dance [Movin' & A Groovin']
She’s Not Hurting Me [She’s Not Hurting Me Tonight]
Shiki Boom Boom
Shine On
Shivers [Shivers]
Shivers 101 [Shivers]
Shotgun (Artist: The McClymonts)
Shotgun (Artist: George Ezra)
Shovellin’ Sunshine
Shut Up And Dance (Choreo - Biggs and Metelnick]
Shut Up And Dance!!! (Choreo - Snooke)
Side By Side [We Work It Out]
Silk & Satin [Island]
Silver Threads [Silver Threads & Golden Needles]
Silvery Moonlight Waltz [Some Things They Can't Take Away]
Simple As [Simple]
Simple Things [Back To The Simple Things]
Sinatra & Chardonnay [That Look]
Single Life!
Sing Me (Phrased version) [Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song]
Sing Me (64 count with tags and bridges) [Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song]
Sing Sing Sing [Sing (Tell The Blues So Long)]
Sinner [Sinners]
Sister Kate
Skinny Genes
Sky Loves Blue [More & More & More]
Slamming Doors
Sleepy Eyes [Blue Bayou]
Sleepy Jean [Daydream Believer]
Slow Boat [Slow Boat To China]
Slow Dancing At Midnight
Small Y’all
Smitten [When Love Gets a Hold of You]
Smoke & Mirrors [Sleepin’ Around]
Smokey Places
Smoking Funny Things [All Summer Long]
So Deep
Soggy Bottom Summer
So good In Love [You Look So Good in Love]
Some Beach
Some Broken Hearts
Some Days You Gotta Dance
Some Girls Will [Some Girls Will, Some Girls Won’t]
Someone Had To Teach You (Line Dancing)
Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight
Something Good [I’m into Something Good]
Something I Need
Something In The Water
South Australia
Southern Dreams [I Dream in Southern]
Southern Nights
Southern Streamline
South West Cha Cha [Talking to a Stranger]
Sparkles [Sparklin’ Look of Love]
Speak To The Sky
Speak With Your Heart [Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love]
Spinning Wheel [The Spinning Wheel]
Stand By Me
Standing Outside [Standing Outside the Fire]
Stars On The Water
Stars On The Water  (Note: Revised with two restarts and a tag to fit the music)
Stay Stay Stay
Steamboat Queen [Riverboat Queen]
Still Gussin’ On [Hangi Tonight]
Stitch It Up [Elvis Medley]
Stomping Out A Rhythm [Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me]
S T One [Still The One]
Stop [Talking To Myself]
Stop And Drink (Beginner) [Stop & Drink]
Stop & Drink (Intermediate) [Stop & Drink]
Stop Starting At My Eyes [Boobs]
Stories We Could Tell
Storm And Stone [Run]
Straight Into Forever [Straight Line]
Straight Line
Strait Dancing [I Just Want to Dance with You]
Streets Of Gold [Party In Heaven]
Streets Of You
Strong Enough To Bend
Stuck In The Middle
Suds In The Bucket
Stumblin' In [Stumbling In]
Sugar Mama
Sugar Pie [I Can’t Help Myself (Suger Pie, Honey Bunch)]
Summer Fly
Summer Holiday
Summer Shake [Shake It]
Sunny Island [Island In The Sun]
Sun On A Black Sky
Sunshine Express [Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House]
Sunshine Waltz [All for the Love of Sunshine]
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Dreams Baby [Dream Baby]
Sweet Heidi [Heidi]
Sweet Hurt
Sweet Ireland
Sweet Little Lisa
Sweet Rock And Roll [B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R]
Sweet Senorita
Sweet Sweet Smile
Sweet Talk
Sylvie Marie

Tahiti Sway [A he' Tamoure]
Take Hold Of My Hand
Take It ['Til You Can't]
Take It Easy On Me
Take It Easy [Andante, Andante]
Take It To The Limit
Take Me Back To Montego Bay [Montego Bay]
Talk Back [Talk Back Trembling Lips]
Talkin’ Blues [Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk]
Talking To Her Memory [Talkin’ To Her Memory Again]
Tampico Bay [Down in Mexico]
Tango With Me Darling [ Tango]
Tango With Me Darling EZ [Tango]
Tartin’ Around [Girls Night Out]
Teddy Bear’s Picnic [Teddy Bear & Too Much (Medley)]
Telepathy [You Can’t Read My Mind]
Telling On My Heart
Telling On My Heart EZ
Tell On You [Your Cheating Heart]
Tell The World
Tennessee Waltz Surprise [Tennessee Waltz]
Tennessee Whiskey
Tequila, Sherry And Sheila [Wish She Would Have Left Quicker]
Tequila Sundown
Test Of Faith [Calling your Name][Trust Me This is Love]
Texas Echo
Texas Time (Choreo: Birchall & Jax)
Texas Time (Choreo: Talbot)
Thanks For The Waltz [Our Song]
Thank You
That Good That Bad
The Honky Tonk Highway [Honky Tonk Highway]
That Honky-Tonking [Country Music Made Me Do It]
That's How Country Boys Roll
That’s Me
That’s Right Mambo [Man Smart, Woman Smarter]
The Belle Of Liverpool
The Best Part Of The Day [The Best Part Of The Day Is The Night]
The Big One
The Boat To Liverpool [On The Boat To Liverpoolf]
The Bomp [who Put The Bomp]
The Captain [Wellerman]
The Chain Of Love
The Everly Medley
The Happiness [The Happines]
The Hotdog Boogie [Move It On Over]
The King And I [Too Good To Be True]
The Lambeth Walk
The Little Shirt [Little Shirt Me Mother Made for Me]
The Morning After
The Orchid [I Overlooked an Orchid]
The Other Line [On The Other Line]
The Outback [The Outback Club]
The Promise
The Real Deal [Baby I’m Right]
The Right Track [All The Way]
The Riverina [Down In The Riverina]
The Rock & Roll Waltz [Rock & Roll Waltz]
The Same Eyes [The Same Eyes That Always Drove Me Crazy]
These Boots [Honky Tonkin' About]
The Tulsa Shuffle
The Waltz Queen [Queen of the Waltz]
The Wanderer
The Worst 15 Minutes [15 Minutes]
There Goes My Everything
Thinking Whiskey [Whiskey Thinking I Am]
Think It Over
This Is Me
This Is Our Waltz [This is our Dance]
Those Aren’t Tears [Those Aren't Tears (In My Eyes)]
Three Quarter Time [West Texas Waltz]
Three Way Love Affair
Tight Jeans [Tight Fitting Jeans]
Til Forever [From Here Til Forever]
Till Sun Up [Baila Baila (Paradise Dance Mix)]
Til The Neons Gone
'Til You Can't
Tin Man [Robot Man]
Tiny Bubbles
Tipperary Girls [Tipperary Girl]
Titanic [My Heart Will Go On]
To Daddy
Todays The Day [Better Than Today]
Toespdf icon    
Tonight Ain’t Monday It’s Friday [It’s Friday]
Tonight Cowboy You’re Mine
Tonight We Might [Tonight We Just Might Fall in Love Again]
Too Late [Tuscon Too Late]
Toot Toot [Morning Train (Nine to Five)]
Touch Of Mexico [Mexican Girl]
Trail Of Tears
Train Swing [Lover Please]
Train Wreck [Can't Let Go]
Travellin’ Man
Treat Her Right
Triples [No One Needs to Know][Never Giving up on Love][Noen Moon][As Long as I'm Rockin’]
Trouble With Treble [All About That Bass]
Tropical Countrypdf icon    
Try Everything
Turn Me Around [Like You Always Could Do]
Turn It On Cowboy [Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose]
Turn Out The Lights [Love Me Tonight Turn Out The Lights]
Tush Push [Chattahoochee]
Turn To Me
Tuscon Too Late
Twist & Turns [Tomorrow Never Comes]
Twisting The Night Away
Two Steppin’ Blues [Two Step Your Baby’s Blues Away]

U On My Mind [Jones On The Jukebox]
U Turn [Your Heart Turned Left (and I was on the Right)]
Unburnable [Bridge That You Won;t Burn]
Unlock My Heart [Unlove Me]
Under The Influence [Under The Influence Of Love]
Under The Sun
Under Your Spell
Unmendable [Some Broken Hearts]
UR Cheating Heart

Valentine Waltz
Vaya Con Dios (My Darling)
Velvet Waters
Vertical Expression [Vertical Expression (of Horizontal Desire)]
Voodoo Jive (32 count) [Voodoo Voodoo]
Voodoo Jive (64 count) [Voodoo Voodoo]
Voulez Vous Danser

Wait A Minute
Wagon Wheel Rock [Wagon Wheel]
Wagon Wheel Wock [Wagon Wheel]
Wake Me Up
Wake Me Up And Stay [Wake Me Up]
Wake Up Little Susiepdf icon    
Walk All Over You [These Boots Are Made for Walking]
Walk Away [How Long]
Walk Back To Me [Where You Gonna Go]
Walkin' A Mile [Walk A Country Mile]
Walking Back To My Baby [Walking Back to Babys Arms]
Walking In The Rain
Walk In The Country
Walking In The Sunshine
Walking On The Wave [Walking On The Waves]
Walk The Way The Wind Blows
Waltz Across Texas
Waltz Over Belsize [Les Bicyclettes De Belsize]
Wanderer [The Wanderer]
Wandering Hearts [Wish I could]
Wanna Be Elvis [Elvis Tonight]
Want Me Too
Was She Spyin' [That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me]
Watcha Reckon [Whatcha Reckon]
Water Logged
Waterloo Remix [Waterloo]
Watermelon Moonshine
Water Off A Ducks Back [A Little Bit of You]
We Are Done
We Are Done Easy
We Believe [Rivers of Gold]
Weekdays [Except for Monday]
Wee Liza Jane [Liza Jane]
We’ll Dance
We Only Live Once
We Only Live Once Easy [We Only Live Once]
We're Good To Go [Good To Go]
Western Cha Cha [Land Of Enchantment]
What Cha Reckon [Whatcha Reckon] (Intermediate) (Choreo - Teather)
Whatcha Reckon (Improver) (Choreo - Talbot)
What Happens Next [Next Girl]
What Have I Done
What Heroes Do
What If I Said Goodbye [What If I Say Goodbye]
What Made You Say That
What You Got [Whatchugot]
Whenever You’re Lonely [Run to Me]
When Will I Be Loved
When You Dance With Me
When You Smile (Absolute Beginner)
When You Smile (High Beginner)
When You're Drunk [I hate You When You're Drunk]
When You're Tipsy [I hate You When You're Drunk]
Where Are We Goin'
Where I Wanna Be [Let Me Be There]
Where Oh Where [Where Did My Baby Go]
Where The Wild Things Are (Beginner)
Where The Wild Things Are (Intermediate)
Whiskey Bridges [Whiskey Under the Bridge]
Whiskey Girl [Damn Drunk]
Whiskey Instead Of Wine [Weed Instead of Roses]
Whiskeys Gone [Whiskey’s Gone]
Whiskey Shuffle [Whiskey On You]
Whiskey Under The Bridge
Whiskey Wiggle (Partner dance)
Whispering Your Name [She’s Not You]
White Wine Flowers & Old Songs [Maledetta Primavera] [Happy Xmas (War is Over)]
Who Did You Call Darlin’
Who Needs To Know [No One Needs to Know]
Why Don’t We Just Dance
Wild Card 18 [Better Bad Idea]
Wildflowers (Bloom Where They Grow)
Wild Heart [Runaround Sue]
Wild Kisses [Serious Love]
Wintergreen EZ
Winter Winds
Women On The Move
Wonder [Memory Lane]
Won't You Come Home [Won't You Come Home (and Talk to a Stranger)]
Woolshed Waltz [Own Heart's Delight]
Working For The Man
Worth A Shot
Would You Be Vine [I Love You Too Much]
Wranglers Butts [Wrangler Butts]
Wrapped Up Good

Yeeee Haaaaa [Country Roads]
Yellow Rose [A Single Yellow Rose]
Yellow Rose Of Texas [I’ll Settle For Old Ireland]
Yellow Roses
Yes M'am No M'am [If I Ever Get You Back]
Yes Sir That’s My Baby
You Ain't
You Ain’t Never
You Ain’t Woman Enough
You And I
You & Me [We Walk In The Sunshine]
You Can Bet Your Boots
You Can Hear A Heart Break (Beginner)
You Can Hear A Heart Break (Intermediate)
You Can't Stop the Music [Can't Stop the Music]
You Got Gold
You Lied [You Lied To Me]
You Make Me Smile [Smile]
You Need To Calm Down
Young Again
Younger Men
You Got Away
You’re My Best Friend
You’re My Jamaica
You’re My World
You’re Only Young Once
You’re The One

Zanzare [No Hard Feelings]
Zjozzy's Funk [Bacco Per Bacco]
Zydeco Lady

Line Dancing. Its fun and easy so go for it
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