1000 Years (or More) [A Love Worth Waiting For]
1159 [11:59 Central Standard Time]
1-2-3-4 [1-2-3]
12:01 AM [Whatcha Doin' Tomorrow]
2 Galway Girls [The Galway Girl]
50 Reasons (to depend on me) [You Can Depend On Me]
98.6 [98.6 Degrees and Fallin']
A ‘Be Together’ Night [It's a ‘Be Together’ Night]
A Country High
A Country Man [What It Takes To Be A Country Man]
A Country State Of Mind [Country State Of Mind]
A Crying Shame [Is It Cheating (feat. Colter Wall)]
A Double Whiskey [That Was The Whiskey]
A Drink In My Hand
A Farmer's Wife
A Heavenly Body
A Kind Of Hush [There’s A Kind of Hush]
A Kiss Goodnight [Just a Kiss]
A Little Bit Closer [Come a Little Bit Closer]
A Little Bit Gypsy [Little Bit Gypsy]
A Little Bitty Baby [Cottonfields]
A Lot Like That [Ain’t Love a Lot Like That]
A Perfect Day [Stay the Night]
A Rockin' Good Way (Absolute Beginner) [A Rockin' Good Way (to Mess Around and Fall in Love)]
A Rockin' Good Way (Beginner) [A Rockin' Good Way (to Mess Around and Fall in Love)]
A Tender Night [One Tender Night]
A Thousand Stars [Ten Guitars]
A Thousand Ways
A Trucker's Wife [The Woman Behind the Man Behind the Wheel]
A Waltz For Megan [Amazing Grace]
A Woman’s Love [A woman Loves]
About Feeings [Mixed Drink About Feelings]
About Time [How Long Will I Love You]
Above And Beyond
Absolutely [Absolutely Everybody]
Ace In The Hole
Aces And Eights [Full House, Empty Heart]
Adalaida (Choreo - O'Reilly)
Adalida Stomp [Adalida] (choreo - Wylie)
Afire With Desire [Such a Night]
Africa Bum Bum
Africa Jack [Mamma Africa]
After The Weekend [Saturday Night]
Aiko Shako [Aiko Aiko]
Ain't Gonna Bottle It Up
Ain't Love A Lot Like That
Ain’t Misbehavin’ [Misbehavin’]
Ain't No Chains [I'll Be There If You Need Me]
Alabama Slammin’pdf icon [If You Want My Love]    
Alcohol On It [Put Some Alcohol On it]
Alibis Waltz [Alibis] [West Texas Waltz]
Alice [Living Next Door To Alice]
All I Am Is You [All I Am]
Alligator Rock [Wrapped Around]
All Shook Up
All That [I Said All That To Say All This]
All The King’s Horses [Out of Sight]
All You Need [All You Really Need is Love]
Almost A Good Thing [Good Thing]
Almost Jamaica (Choreo - Firth & Halls - 64 count)
Almost Jamaica (Choreo - Napier - 32 count)
Almost Saturday Night
Always 17 [Seventeen]
Always Humble [Humble]
Amaze Me Grace [Amazing Grace]
Amazing Grace (Beginner) [soundtrack of Maverick movie]
Amazing Grace (Choreo - Jenkins & Watson) [soundtrack of Maverick movie]
Amazing Gracepdf icon (Choreo - Rachael McEnaney) [sountrack of Maverick movie]    
An Affair Of The Heart
And Then I Kissed Her
And We Danced
Angel Lies [You Are No Angel]
Angel Of The Night
Angel Rock [Rock and Roll Angels]
An Irish Waltz [Beautiful Meath]
Another Song [Another Song I Had To Write]
Are You Listening [Swing Baby]
Are You Missing Me [Missing]
As Long As There’s Loving Tonight
As Love Is My Witness

B.H.G. [Broken Hearted Girl]
Baby Belle [The Belle of Liverpool]
Baby Bubbles [Love Done Gone]
Baby Don’t Rush [Don’t Rush]
Baby I'm Burning
Baby Kate [Sister Kate]
Baby Kisses [My Baby’s Kiss]
Baby Nimby [Your Backyard]
Baby Why Not Tonight [Why Not Tonight]
Backroad Nation
Back To The Wild Side [The Wild Side of Life]
Bad Seed
Bang Bangpdf icon    
Banjo [Bring Down The House]
Bar Room 2 Step [Victim of Life’s Circumstances]
Bar Room Romeo [Don't Rock the Jukebox]
Bar Room Rose [Bar Room Roses]
Bartender's Stomp [Baby Likes to Rock It]
Be A Better Man [Gettin' You Home]
Beach Boogie
Beat Me Daddy
Beautiful Day [A Beautiful Day]
Beautiful Noise
Beautiful Sunday
Beautiful Woman [When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman]
Because Of You [Olivia]
Bed Of Roses
Beethoven Boogie [Boogie & Beethoven]
Before He Cheats
Before You Love Me [Leave Before You Love Me]
Beginner Stroll [San Antonio Stroll]
Behind The Clouds
Behind Those City Lights [City Lights]
Bella Itallia
Bella's Cha Cha [Third Rate Romance]
Belle Amor [Rebelde Amor]
Be Mine
Better Than Ever [Better Than You Left Me]
Better Times [Better Times A Comin’]
Beyond The Sea (Choreo - C Archer)
Beyond The Sea (Choreo - G Elliott)
Bible And A Bus Ticket [Bible and a Bus Ticket Home]
Bicycle Waltz Too [Les Bicyclettes De Belsize]
Big Blue Tree
Big Country Sky
Big River Remix
Bird On A Wire
Birmingham Turnaround
Blackboard Of My Heart
Black Coffee [Black Coffee] [Sometimes When We Touch] [Must've Had A Ball] [Don't Worry Baby] [Oasis]
Black Dresses
Black Hawk Strut [Walking, Talking, Crying, Barely Beating Broken Heart]
Blackpool By The Sea
Blame It On The Wine
Blown Away
Blueberry Chill [Blueberry Hill]
Blue Birds [Over The Rainbow]
Blue Country Waltz [Blue Country Song]
Blue Jean Baby [Dancin' On A Satruday Night]
Blue Kentucky Girl
Blue Moon Shuffle [Blue Moon Nights]
Blue Night Cha [Blue Night]
Blue Rose Is
Blue Side Of Lonesome
Blue Umbrella Blues [Blue Umbrella]
Blurred Linespdf icon    
Blurry Lines [Blurred Lines]
Boardwalk Time [Under the Boardwalk]
Bobbi With An Ipdf icon    
Boiling Point [Burning Love]
Bombshell Party Stomp [Bomshel Stomp]
Bonaparte's Retreat
Boogie Shoes
Boogie Woogie [Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy]
Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Bootscootin’ Woman (Beginner/Intermediate)
Bootscootin’ Woman (Intermediate)
Boots On
Bored [Bored to Death]
Borrow My Heart
Bosa Nova [Blame It On The Bossa Nova]
Bossy Boots [Boots]
Bottom Of The Bottle
Bow Legged [Anyway The Wind Blows]
Bow-Legged Boogaloo [Anyway The Wind Blows]
Boyfriend Of The Year [Favourite Boyfriend of the Year]
Boyspdf icon [Boys Will Be Boys]    
Boys Will Be Boyspdf icon    
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Break On Through [Want Me Too]
Bridges To Your Heart [Building Bridges]
Bright Lights And Country Music
Bring Down The House
Bring On The Good Times
Brings You Happiness [Before The Next Teardrop Falls]
Bring You Happiness AB [Before The Next Teardrop Falls]
Brinson's Request [That’s Just About Right]
Broke As [Broke (feat. Thomas Rhett)]
Broken Hearted
Broon Sauce [Whole Lotta Lovin’]
Built To Last [Under The Hood]
Burlesque [Welcome to Burlesque]
Burning Blue [Old Flame Burning Blue]
Burning Inside
Bye Bye Mambo [Bye Bye (pipiccolissima)]

Cabo San Lucas
California Stomp [A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome]
Calypso Mexico
Candle In The Wind
Can I Count On You
Cannibal Stomp [Cannibals]
Can’t Even Get The Blues [Can’t Even Get The Blues No More]
Can’t Stop Me Now
Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango [I Can't Tell a Waltz From a Tango]
Caribbean Pearl [The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Radio Edit)]
Caribbean Plans
Carry You Home
Case Of Love
Catch Me If You Can
Catch The Rain [Sunshine in the Rain]
Cathy’s Clown
CC Cooler [All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down]
C’est La Vie [You Can Never Tell
Cha Cha Lengua [Un Momento Alla] [Blue Rodeo]
Cha Cha Romo [Todo Todo Todo]
Chains Of Gold
Chains Of My Heart [Take These Chains from My Heart]
Champagne No Ice [A Woman's Needs] (Beginner)
Champagne On Ice [A Woman’s Needs] (Intermediate)
Champagne Promise
Changed For The Better [Changed Everything]
Charlie’s Shoes
Cheap Cologne
Cheap Cologne AB
Cheating Heart [Your Cheating Heart]
Cheeky Ch Cha [If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body]
Cherokee Swing [Cherokee Boogie}
Cherry Bomb
Chica Boom Boom [Boom Boom Goes My Heart]
Chicken Fried
Chicken Walk Jive [Come Back My Love]
Chill Factor [Last Night]
Chocolate City Hustle [Bop] [Big Foot Stomp]
Christmas Kiss
Christmas Twist
Clap Ya Hands [Happy Man]
Clinging To You
Coastin’ [Lord of the Dance]
Codigo (choreo - Stott)
Codigo (choreo - Mitchell)
Cold Cold Heart
Cold Heart [Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)]
Come Dance With Me
Coming Home
Coming Home AB
Come On Baby Let's Twist [The Twist]
Come On Over [Come on over to my Place]
Come Sway With Me [Sway]
Come What May [To Be Loved By You]
Comp Dance
Concrete & Country
Continental Polka [Alice]
Cool Chick [Please Mama Please]
Could’ve Been The Whiskey [Wasn’t That A Party]
Country 2 Step [I Just Want My Baby Back]
Country Boy Lovin'
Country Bump [Countrty Music Made Me Do It]
Country Medley
Country Touch [Country Boys]
Cowboy Boogie [Living On Love]
Cowboy Cha Cha [Neon Moon]
Cowboy Cute, Cowgirl Crazy
Cowboy For A Night
Cowboy For A Night 2
Cowboy For A Night EZ
Cowboy Honky Tonkin’ [Too Much Time At The Honky Tonks]
Cowboy Hustle [Heartaches by the Number]
Cowboy Joe [Ragtime CowboyJoe]
Cowboy Rhythm [Four by Four]
Cowboy’s Sweetheart [I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart] Original 40 count version
Cowboy’s Sweetheart [I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart] Amended to 32 count from 40 to fit the music
Cowgirl's Twist [What The Cowgirls Do]
Cowboy Yoddle Song
Crazy [You Drive Me Crazy] (Beginner)
Crazy [You Drive Me Crazy] (Beginner/Intermediate)
Crazy Cha [Smilin’ Song]
Crazy Day Job [Day Job] (Day Job - is the Beginner/Intermediate level dance to the same music)
Crazy Foot Mambo [If You Wanna Be Happy]
Crazy For You [Only You]
Crazy Nights In Dublin Town [Temple Bar]
Crazy Postman [Please Mr. Postman]
Crispy Chicken [Praise the Lord]
Cross Over [Don’t Let Me Cross Over]
Cruel [Don’t Be Cruel]
Cruel Intentions [Don't Be Cruel]
Cruisin’ [Still Cruisin']
Cry Cry Cry [Cry To Me]
Cry To Me
Cry To Me 2 [Cry To Me]
Crying Time [It Only Hurts Me When I Cry]
Crystal Touch [Slow Hand]
Cute Boot Scooter

Daddy’s Hands
Da Doo Ron Ron
Dance All Night
Dance For Me [Doing It]
Dance Her Home
Dance Our Way [The Old Fashioned Way]
Dance Ranch Romp [Every Little Thing]
Dance The Night Away Cha Cha [Dance The Night Away]
Dance With A Stranger [Dancing With a Stranger]
Dance With Me [Crash and Burn] (Choreo - Linda Burgess)
Dance With Me [Dance With Me Tonight] (Choreo - Robbie McGowan Hickie)
Dance With Me 2night [Dance With me Tonight]
Dance With Me Tonight (Intermediate)(Choreo - Peter & Alison)
Dance With Me Tonight (Beginner)(Choreo - K. Tripp)
Dancing Cowboy Hats [Honky Tonk Time Machine]
Dancing in the Kitchen
Dancing In The Tub [Splish Splash(I was taking a Bath)]
Dancing In White [A White Sport Coat]
Darlin', Who's Darlin' [Who Did You Call Darlin']
Day Job (Crazy Day Job - is the Intermediate level dance to the same music)
Dedication To My Ex
Deep River [River Deep, Mountain High]
Devil’s Dance [If The Devil Danced in Empty Pockets]
D.H.S.S. [A World of Blue] [Coffee]
Diamantina Dream
Ding Dong [Ding Dong, Sing My Song]
Did You Ever
Dig Your Heels [Here’s To You & I]
Dirt Road Dancing
Disappearing Bubbles [Love Done Gone]
Dixie Rd [Dixie Road]
Do It With Style [Style]
Dolly’s Heartbreak Express [Heartbreak Express]
Don’t Call Me
Don't Cry Bachata [Don't Wanna See You Cry]
Don’t Drink the Waterpdf icon (32 count - Improver)    
Don’t Drink the Water (48 count - Intermediate)
Don't Rock The Jukebox
Don't Take The Goodtimes For Granted
Don’t Tell Me What To Do
Don't Worry Baby (Beginner) [Love Done Gone]
Don't Worry Baby (Improver)
Do The Jukebox [Juke Box Jive]
Double Down Two Step [Chip and a Chair]
Double R Dee [River Road Dream]
Do What You Can
Do WhatYou Dopdf icon [That’s What I Like]    
Down At The Honky Tonk [Down To The Honky Tonk]
Down On Your Uppers
Down To One [One]
Do Ya'
Do You Love Me
Draggin' Your Boots [Stop Draggin' Your Boots]
Dreamers in a Dreamer's World [Only Dreamers]
Dream Lover
Drift Away
Drink Drank Drunk
Drinkin’ Bone Boogie [Drinkin’ Bone]
Drip Droppin’ [Start Without You]
Drive By (Beginner/Intermediate)
Drive By (Intermediate)
Drive By (Intermediate/Advanced)
Drop Me Gently
Dr Wanna Do
Dry Town

Each Season [Each Season Changes You]
Eagles Rock [How Long]
East To West [From Coast to Coast]
East To West 17 [Play That Song]
El Paso
Elvis Rock (Beginner)
Elvis Rock
Elvis Tonight
Everybody Loves A Lover
Everybody's Talking [Monday Mornin' Missin' You]
Every Female [Female]
Every Other Memory
Everything I Have [Everything I Need]
Every Time She Walks By
Excuse Me [Excuse Me(I Think I've Got a Heartache)]
Eyes For You [I Don’t Want Nobody To Have My Love But You]
EZ Calypso Mexico
EZ Tango With Me Darling [ Tango]
EZ Waltz [Shake Me I Rattle (Squeeze Me I Cry)]

Faded Dreams [Ain't Got A Shot]
Fading Lights [Little By Little]
Faithful Soul [Faith's Song]
Fall In Love [Never Gonna Fall In Love]
Fallin’ To Pieces Again [I Fall To Pieces]
Far Side Banks Of Jordan
Fast Hearts And Slow Towns
Feeling Kinda Lonely [Feeling Kinda Lonely Tonight]
Feelin’ the Feelin’
Feel Right
Feel The Beat
Feel The Magic [Hungry Eyes]
Feet On The Floor [Head In The Sky]
Finally Free
Firecracker [You Set My Heart On Fire]
First In Line [I Want To Be The First One]
First Prize Cowboy [You Ain’t Dolly (And You Ain’t Porter)]
First Waltz [Latter Day Cowboy]
Fishin’ In The Dark
Flat Nail Joe
Flat Top
Flip Flops [Let's Take It Outside]
Flip, Flop & Fly
Float Ya Boat [I Was On a Boat That Day]
Flobie Slide [It's All Right (I'm Holdin' on to Love)]
Fly Like A Bird
Flying High [Bluebird]
Follow Your Arrow
Fool Such As I [(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I]
Foolish Heart [Don't Pretend with Me]
Fools Like Me
For All Seasons [Love Me With All Your Heart]
Forever In Blue Jeans
Forgive And Forget [I Don't Believe That's How You Feel]
For The Longest Time [The Longest Time]
Friday [It’s Friday]
Friday At The Dance
Friend In Need
Frisky [I Wish That I Could Fall In Love]
Funny Face

Galway Girls [The Galway Girl]
Galway John
Gambling Man [The Gambling Man]
Gentleman’s Waltz [Jim Reeves Waltz Medley]
Georgia Twist [Georgia Peaches]
Getcha Girl [Getcha]
Get In Or Get Out
Get In We're Off
Get It Right [Hard Not To Love It]
Get Outta My Car [Get Out Of My Car]
Get To You
Get Up Dance [Get Up Dance (Radio Kriss Evans Edit)]
Get Your Feet Down [1-2-3]
Ghost Rider [Ghost Riders in the Sky]
Ghost Train
Giddy On Up
Gin & Tonic [Love Drunk]
Girl Behind The Mask [Masquerade]
Girl With The Fishing Rod
Give Me Love [Can’t Give Me Love]
Glass Of Wine [Cry To Me]
God's Been Good [God's Been Good To Me]
God’s Plan
Going Crazy [Driving Me Out Of Your Mind]
Going Going Gone
Goin' Goin' Gone [Paradise]
Going Loco [The Locomotion]
Going Potty [It’s All Going To Pot]
Go Johnny [Johnny B Goode]
Golden Dream Waltz [I'd Love You All Over Again]
Golden Wedding Ring [Golden Ring]
Go Mama Go [Let Your Momma Go]
Gone West
Gonna Be Alright [Tonight’s the Night]
Good Girl [But I Am a Good Girl]
Good Thing
Good Time
Good Time Girls
Go Seven [Seven Lonely Days]
Got It Wrong Cupid [Cupid]
Got No Reason
Graeme’s Beach House [A Beach House In The Blue Mountains]
Green Door
Green Green Grass
Graffiti [Never Coming Down]
Grandpa’s Piano (Choreo: Smith)
Grandpa’s Piano (Choreo: Simpkin/Imms)
Greater Than Me [Greater]
Grundy Gallop [Sold]
Gypsy Lady [My Maria]
Gypsy Queen AB
Gypsy Queen
Gypsy Rose [Say, Has Anyone Seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose]

Half Past Tipsy [1 2 Many]
Hands Up [Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)]
Hanky Panky [Hank Williams Medley]
Happy Dance [Af en Af]
Hard To Find [Mamacita]
Have I Told You [Have I Told You Lately, That I Love You]
Have You Been Told [Have I Told You Lately That I Love You]
Have You Ever See The Rain
Having A Party [Cuttin' Up B&S Style]
Head In The Sky
Head Over Heels [You’re My First Love(Head Over Heels)]
Heartaches & Honkytonks
Heartbeat Highway
Heart Like A Wheel [Swamp Thing; The Wheel Of Love; Some Things Aren't Meant To Be]
Heart Of An Angel
Hearts On Fire
Heart Throb [I’m Only In It For The Love]
Heaven Is My Woman’s Love
Heaven On Earth [Ave Maria]
Heaven's Jukebox
Heaven With You
Heel Strut Jive [As Long As There’s Loving Tonight]
Hello Again
Hello Dolly
Hello Jo [Hello Josephine]
Hello Summer
Here’s To Us
Here We Go [Here I Go]
Here You Come Again
Her Memory [Talkin’ To Her Memory Again]
Hey Baby
Hey Senorita AB
Hey! Soul Sister
Hidalgo Boogie
Hide The Photo [Face to the Wall]
High & Dry
High Cotton
High Hopes
High Test Love
Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll
Hit The Road Jack
Hokus Pokus [A Fear of Falling]
Holding Back The Ocean
Holding On [Holding On To Love (To Save My Life)]
Hold Me Now
Hold On [Up]
Homecoming Queen
Homegrownpdf icon    
Homesick Heart [Homesick]
Homeward Bound [Take Me Home]
Honey Bee Boogie
Honey I’m Good (Choreo: Lefebour & Lamb)
Honey I’m Good (Choreo: Biggs & Metelnick)
Honey Pot [Honey Honey]
Honky Tonk Delight [A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome]
Honky Tonk Forever [Hello Honky Tonk]
Honky Tonk Player [Playin' Every Honkytonk in Town]
Honky Tonk Side Of Town
Honky Tonky Stomp [I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried][My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You]
Hookin’ Up
Hot Rod Heart
Hot Tamales [Country Down to My Soul]
Houston Hustle [Buckle Hit's The Floor]
How Cold
How I’ll Always Be
Human - Dancer [Human]
Hush Little Baby [Summertime (Up Tempo version)]

I Always Will
I Close My Eyes [Ich mach meine Augen zu]
I Come To You [Open Arms]
I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight
I Fell For You
If Not For You
I Gotta Brand New Girlfriend [Brand New Girlfriend]
I Like Girls That Drink Beer
I Love A Rainy Night
I Love CC [Cornell Crawford]
I Love Her So Much [How Could I Love Her So Much]
I Love You
I Love You Goodbye
I Need You Now [Need You Now]
I Only Want To Be With You
I Remember [Remember When]
I Run To Youpdf icon    
I Saw Linda Yesterday
I Swear
I Walk The Line [I Walk The Line Revisited]
I Walk The Line (amended - with a Restart and a Tag) [I Walk The Line Revisited]
I Walk The Line (Revisited)
I Will Follow Him
I Will Go With You [Wherever You're Going]
I Wonder [I Wonder In Whose Arms]
I Won't Back Down
I Won't Let You Gopdf icon    
Ice Cream Freeze
Ice Cream Freeze (Contra dance)
If You Ever Gonna Love Me [I'll Be There]
Imelda's Way [Inside Out]
I'm Good At Leaving
I'm In Love
I’m No Goodpdf icon [I’m No Good (For Ya Baby)]    
I'm On Fire
I'm On My Way [Toora Loora Lay]
Infatuation [WhenYou Ask About Love]
In Mexico [Down in Mexico]
In My Shirt [You Look Good In My Shirt]
In Our Blood
In Out And In Between [The Cowboy Rides Away]
Inspiration [Heaven In My Woman's Eyes]
In Your Backyard [Your Backyard]
Irish Polka [Back To Tourmakeady]
Irish Stew
Irish Summer [I Want To Be In Ireland For Summer]
Is It Friday Yet
It Feels Like Rock 'N Roll [Feels Like Rock 'N Roll]
It Hurts
It Never Rains [It Never Rains in Southern California]
It's All Right [I'm Holding On To Love (To Save my Life)]
It's Makebelieve
It's Only Midnight
It's Only Natural [Why Did it Have to be Me]
I've Seen It All [All I Need To See]

Jack's House [Livin' In The House That Jack Built]
Jamaica Farewell
J & M Mambo [Johnny & Marie]
Jim And Jack And Hank
Jive Time [Way It Should Be]
Joana [Come Early Morning]
Joey On The Fiddle
John Wayne Walking [John Wayne Walking Away]
Jose Cuervo
July Saturday Night [Springsteen]
Jump On An Easy Ride [Don’t Turn Around (SC Version)]
Jump On A Ride [Don’t Turn Around (SC Version)]
Just Across The Rio Grande
Just A Kiss (choreo: Roz & Steve)
Just A Kiss (Choreo: Robbie McGowan Hickie)
Just A Memory [Memories Are Made Of This]
Just A Minute [Wait a Minute]
Just A two Step Away [Love is just a Two Step Away]
Just Call Me Lonesome
Just Give [Just Give Me A Reason]
Just In Case
Just Rockin’ [Rockin’ Robin]
J-Walk [Walking to Jerusalem]

Kacey's Moon [Neon Moon]
Keep It Simple
Keep Up
Kick A Little Dirt [Kick A Little Dirt Around]
Kick A Little Dirt Around (Choreo: Fowler & Barton)(Advanced)
Kick A Little Dirt Around (Choreo: Bishop)(Upper Beginner)
Kick Around [Your Backyard]
Kick Up Your Heels
Kill the Spiders [You Need a Man Around Here]
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Kiss Me Mary
Kiss Me Quick
Kiss Off [If I Was a Woman]
Kleen Boots [Country Ain’t Never Been Pretty]
Knee Deep
Kokomo Cocktails [Kokomo]

La Bamba
Lady In Red
La Luna [Stand by Me]
La Luna Learner [Stand by Me]
Labour Of Love [Labor of Love] [First Love]
Land Of Enchantment
Last Romantic [The Last Great Romantic]
Latin Crazy [I’m Crazy]
Lay Low
Leavin’ & Sayin’ Goodbye [Leaving and Saying Goodbye]
Leaving Of Liverpool [The Leaving of Liverpool]
Left RIght Out [Left Right]
Legend [Feeling Good]
Less And Less
Let It Swing
Let It Be You
Let’s Dance
Let’s Go Linedancin’
Let’s Laugh [It Only Hurts When I Laugh]
Let's Ride
Lets Turn Back The Years
Let The Little Girl Dance
Letting Go
Let U Be Right [Let You Be Right]
Liars Liepdf icon    
Life Of The Party [Think Of You]
Lift Me Up
Light Broon Sauce [Whole Lotta Lovin’]
Light Of The Moon [Under The Light Of The Moon]
Lights On The Hill
Like A Fine Wine [Love Takes Time]
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood [We’re Here To Stay]
Line Dance Party
Liquid Lunch
Liquid Sunshine [Have You Ever Seen The Rain]
Liquor And Love [Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind)
Listen To The Radio
Little Bluff [You Lied To me]
Little Devil
Little Fiesta [Como Te Quiero Mi Amor] [Bongiorni Zappoli]
Little Less Broken
Little Liza Jane [Liza Jane]
Little Old Country Me [Country Girl]
Little Ol’ Kisses
Little Red Book [You’re More Than A Number In My Little Red Book]
Little Red Indian Drums [Red Indian Drums]
Little Rhyme Or Reason [It Happens] (Beginner)
Little Sisters [Sisters]
Little Whistle [Whistle on the Wind]
Live Laugh & Line Dance
Living Doll
Loch Lomond
Lonely Blues [Mr Lonely]
Lonely Drum
Lonely Girl
Lonely Lady (Choreo: Blankenship/Sholes)
Lonely Lady (Coreo: Elliott)
Lonely Lady (Choreo: Wyllie)
Lonely Lovers [Lonely Women Make Good Lovers]
Long Gone
Long Time Gone
Looking For You [I've Been Looking For You]
Looking Up
Lord Help Me [Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person]
Louisianna Swing [Home To Louisianna]
Love Calls
Love Grows [Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)]
Love Is All Around
Love Is In The Air
Love Is Like [Love Is]
Love Letters
Love Me Hate Me [Better At My Worst]
Love Me Love Me [Amame]
Love Me [I’ll Be There If You Need Me]
Love’s Gonna Live Here
Love’s Highway [Don’t Really Matter]
Love Sick Blues [Hank Williams Lonesome]
Love Worth Waiting For [A Love Worth Waiting For]
Love You A Million Times [You’re My First Love(Head Over Heels)]
Love You Now
Loving You
Lucky Lips
Lucky Punch
Luna Lite [Stand By Me]

Mack The Knifepdf icon    
Mad About Mambo [Mega Mambo]
Magic Moments
Make You Sweat [Uhh La La La]
Mama & Daddy
Mamma Maria
Man In The Moon [Mr. Man in the Moon]
Mandolins In The Moonlight
Man Of My Word
Marching Home [Johnny Come Lately]
Margadaiquiri [One More Drinkin' Song]
Marli's Dance [Roller Coaster]
Martha Divine
Martini Time [Donde Estas, Yolanda?]
Marvin Gaye (Choreo - K Sholes) (Beginner)
Marvin Gaye (Choreo - J Talbot) (Intermediate)
Mary Mary [Mary]
Mary’s Jive [Hello Mary Lou]
Matrimonial Waltz [Between Husbands and Wives]
Maverick [What You Do To Me]
Maverockin’ [As Long As there’s Loving Tonight]
Memory Lane
Memphis Backstep [You Don't Have to go to Memphis]
Memphis Tennessee
Merry Christmas Everyone
Mexicali [Mexico]
Midnight Walk [Walkin’ After Midnight]
Millie’s Tip [Millie]
Missing Link [Baby I Miss You]
Missing You
Money Money Money
Montana Mambo [Papa Loves Mambo]
Moody Blue [Moody Blue] (Beginner)
Moody Blue [Moody Blue] (Improver/Intermediate)
Moody River
Moonlight Kiss
More And More And More
More Than Just A Two-Step [We Didn't Have Much]
Most Of All [I Miss You]
Mountain Of Love
Mountains Of Love [To Be Loved By you] Renamed as Come What May
Move A Like [Moves Like Jagger]
Movie Night [Saturday Night At The Movies]
Mr Jukebox
Mr. Sandman [ Mr Sandman]
Muma’s Dance[Shortenin’ Bread]
Must Be The Whiskey
My Bestie [Iko Iko (feat. Small Jam)]
My First Love (Carol Mckee)(Waltz)
My First Love [You’re My First Love(Head over Heels)] (Robbie McGowan-Hickie)
My First Reaction
My First Steps (1 Wall no restarts) [I Should Have Watched That First Step]
My First Steps (1 Wall 1 Restart) [I Should Have Watched That First Step]
My First Steps (4 Wall 1 Restart) [I Should Have Watched That First Step]
My Kinda Folk
My Ladies Rhumba [Hear My Song]
My Last Tear [I've Cried My Last Tear For You] [All of Me]
My New Life [High Class Lady]
My Next Broken Heart
My Next Broken Heart EZ
My Pretty Belinda [Pretty Belinda]
My Red High Heels [Red High Heels]
My Veronica [Veronica]

Need No Sunshine [Bar Room Roses]
Neon Blue
Neon Rose
Neon Vegas Lights [Dance With Me]
Never Coming Down
Never Gonna Grow Up [I Ain't Gotta Grow Up]
Never Live Without You
New Patches
New Shade of Blue
Next To Me
New Train
Nimby [Your Backyard]
Nobody’s Fool [Nobody’s Fool But Yours]
No Matter What
No More [Little White Church]
No More Teardrops
No Particular Place To Go
No Place Like Home [Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under] [Kansas City]
No Place To Go [Radio Dancing]
North To Alaska
Not A Heart Ain’t Been Broken [Whiskey Under The Bridge]
Nothing But You
Nothing New [Nothing New, I’m Missing You]
No Trouble [Old Dan Tucker]
No Truckin' Way [No Truck Song]
No Way Jose’
Now [It’s Your World Now]
Now And Then [Every Now and Then]
Nuovo Mambopdf icon    

Off The Beaten Track
Oh Me Oh My Oh
Oh Suzannah
Oh Yeah [Blame it on Your Heart]
OK I’ll Sign [Alright I'll Sign The Papers]
Oklahoma Boogie [From Oklahoma With Love]
OK With Me [No U In Oklahoma]
Old Love [My Old Love in New Mexico]
Olivia - This dance is now titled - Because Of You
Once More [Love Me One More Time]
One [Down to one]
One & One & One
One & Only [Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow]
One Call Away (Choreo - Shelly Zimmerman)
One Call Away (Choreo - Josh Talbot)
One Dance, One Rose, One Kiss
One Good Reason [Give Me One Good Reason][I sang Dixie][Calling in the Wind]
One Less Day [One Less Day (Dying Young)]
One Margarita
One More Time - Oh Yeah [One More Time]
One Step, Two Step [One Step Forward]
One Woman Man
One Horse Town [One In A Row]
One Way Ticket
Only Dreamers
Only You [For Only You]
On Second Thoughts [If I Can Find A Clean Shirt]
On The Bayou
On The Waves [Walking On The Wave]
On This Night [On This Night of a Thousand Stars]
On Your Way Down [Pick Me Up On Your Way Down]
Open Book
Our Love Is Alive (Stumblin' In) [Stumblin' In]
Out & Jump
Out Of Sight
Out Of The Blue [Blue Clear Sky]
Outside Looking In
Outta Salt [Salt]
Over The Rainbow Swing [Over The Rainbow]

Paddy’s Choir [Place In The Choir]
Patient Heart
Patsy Fagan
Pavement Ends - The Florida Dance [Where The Pavement Ends]
Peaches And Cream [You’re Sixteen]
Pearly Shells
Peas In A Pod [We’re A Lot Like Each Other]
People Are Crazy
Peppy Toe [Pepito]
Perfect - Easy [Perfect]
Piano Man [Shake Your Boogie And Roll]
Pick A Bale [Pick A Bale Of Cotton]
Pick A Pocket [Too Many Pockets]
Pick Her Up
Pick Up Your Phone [634-5789]
Pillows [Painting Pillows]
Places & Faces [Take Me Home]
Playing With Fire [Fighting Fire with Fire]
Play Me A Dancer [Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song]
Play That Song
Pollyanna [Everybody Loves A Lover]
Poor Little Fool
Por Ti Sere
Potato Man
Practice Makes Perfect Cha Cha [One Night at a Time]
Pretend [Pretend (Special Dance Mix)]
Proud Mary Burnin’ [Proud Mary by Glee Cast]
Push For The Stride

Que Sera (Music by Dave Sheriff) (Beginner/Improver)
Que Sera (Music by Justice Crew) (Intermediate)
Que Sera La La La [Que Sera by Justice Crew]

Radio Dancing
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O [Raggle Taggle Gypsy]
Rainy River
Raised Like That
Ramblin’ Rose
Reach Out
Rebel Amor [Rebelde Amor]
Red High Heels
Red Hot Salsa
Red River Valley (32 count)
Red River Valley (64 count)
Reflection [Da Roots (ITG or Folk Mix)]
Returned It Broken [Baby You Broke It]
Reunited [Undivided]
Rhyme Or Reasonpdf icon [It Happens]    
Ride Away [Ride With Me]
Ridin’ The Rodeo
Right or Wrong (Choreo - Elliott)
Right Or Wrong [You Were Right](Choreo - Hickie)
Ring Of Fire [Burning Ring of Fire]
Rings And Roses [Take Your Roses and Your Rings]
Rio [Patricia]
Rio Magna [By The Rio Grande]
Ritmo [Ritmo (Radio Edit)]
Riverbank Stomp [River Bank]
River Road
Rivers Of Babylon
River Town
Rock-A-Billy Rebel [Rockabilly Rebel]
Rock Around The Clock
Rocket To The Sun [What You’ve Done To Me]
Rockin’ The Trolls
Rock & Roll Kiss
Rock ’N Roll Waltz
Rock N Roll Bride [I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock and Roll]
Rock This Town
Rock Paper Scissors
Rodeo Queen
Rollin' Home
Rolling In The Deep (Choreo - Maggie Gallagher)
Rolling Thunder [Give Me Heart a Rest]
Romeo Tonight [Romeo]
Rose Of My Heart
Run To You Shuffle [I Run to You]
Running Through The Changes [Nothing I Can Do About it Now]

Safe In My Arms EZ [My Arms]
Salt n Lime (original)
Salt n Lime (version with no turns)
Same Beer [Same Beer Different Problem]
Same Thing Happened To Me
San Antonio Bay-B [San Antonio Baby]
San Antonio Rose
San Francisco
Sangria Sun [Sangria]
Saturday Night Stomp [Texas Saturday Night]
Saved My Soul [A Stranger Saved my Life]
Save It For A Sunny Day
Scotia Samba [Dance The Night Away]
Sea Salt Sally
Seasons Of Love
Seein’ Double [Feelin’ Single, Seein’ Double]
Sensuous Woman [Woman Senuous Woman]
Settin ’n The Woods On Fire [Setting the Woods on Fire]
Sevens [Seven Lonely Days]
Sexy Baby [If You Want My Body]
Shame & Scandal In The Family [Shame & Scandal]
Shame On Me (Beginner)
Shame On Mepdf icon (Easy Intermediate)    
Shang A Lang
She Likes To Dance [Movin' & A Groovin']
She’s Not Hurting Me [She’s Not Hurting Me Tonight]
Shiki Boom Boom
Shine On
Shivers [Shivers]
Shotgun (Artist: The McClymonts)
Shotgun (Artist: George Ezra)
Shovellin’ Sunshine
Shut Up And Dance (Choreo - Biggs and Metelnick]
Shut Up And Dance!!! (Choreo - Snooke)
Side By Side [We Work It Out]
Silk & Satin [Island]
Silver Threads [Silver Threads & Golden Needles]
Silvery Moonlight Waltz [Some Things They Can't Take Away]
Simple As [Simple]
Simple Things [Back To The Simple Things]
Sinatra & Chardonnay [That Look]
Sing Me (Phrased version) [Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song]
Sing Me (64 count with tags and bridges) [Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song]
Sing Sing Sing [Sing (Tell The Blues So Long)]
Sinner [Sinners]
Sister Kate
Skinny Genes
Sky Loves Blue [More & More & More]
Slamming Doors
Sleepy Eyes [Blue Bayou]
Sleepy Jean [Daydream Believer]
Slow Boat [Slow Boat To China]
Slow Dancing At Midnight
Small Y’all
Smitten [When Love Gets a Hold of You]
Smoke & Mirrors [Sleepin’ Around]
Smokey Places
Smoking Funny Things [All Summer Long]
So Deep
Soggy Bottom Summer
So good In Love [You Look So Good in Love]
Some Beach
Some Broken Hearts
Some Days You Gotta Dance
Some Girls Will [Some Girls Will, Some Girls Won’t]
Someone Had To Teach You (Line Dancing)
Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight
Something Good [I’m into Something Good]
Something I Need
Something In The Water
South Australia
Southern Dreams [I Dream in Southern]
Southern Nights
Southern Streamline
South West Cha Cha [Talking to a Stranger]
Sparkles [Sparklin’ Look of Love]
Speak To The Sky
Speak With Your Heart [Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love]
Spinning Wheel [The Spinning Wheel]
Stand By Me
Standing Outside [Standing Outside the Fire]
Stars On The Water
Stars On The Water  (Note: Revised with two restarts and a tag to fit the music)
Stay Stay Stay
Still Gussin’ On [Hangi Tonight]
Stitch It Up [Elvis Medley]
Stomping Out A Rhythm [Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me]
S T One [Still The One]
Stop [Talking To Myself]
Stop And Drink (Beginner) [Stop & Drink]
Stop & Drink (Intermediate) [Stop & Drink]
Stop Starting At My Eyes [Boobs]
Stories We Could Tell
Storm And Stone [Run]
Strait Dancing [I Just Want to Dance with You]
Streets Of Gold [Party In Heaven]
Streets Of You
Strong Enough To Bend
Stuck In The Middle
Suds In The Bucket
Stumblin' In [Stumbling In]
Sugar Mama
Sugar Pie [I Can’t Help Myself (Suger Pie, Honey Bunch)]
Summer Fly
Summer Holiday
Summer Shake [Shake It]
Sunny Island [Island In The Sun]
Sun On A Black Sky
Sunshine Express [Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House]
Sunshine Waltz [All for the Love of Sunshine]
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Dreams Baby [Dream Baby]
Sweet Heidi [Heidi]
Sweet Hurt
Sweet Ireland
Sweet Little Lisa
Sweet Rock And Roll [B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R]
Sweet Senorita
Sweet Sweet Smile
Sweet Talk
Sylvie Marie

Tahiti Sway [A he' Tamoure]
Take Hold Of My Hand
Take It ['Til You Can't]
Take It Easy On Me
Take It Easy [Andante, Andante]
Take It To The Limit
Take Me Back To Montego Bay [Montego Bay]
Talk Back [Talk Back Trembling Lips]
Talkin’ Blues [Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk]
Talking To Her Memory [Talkin’ To Her Memory Again]
Tampico Bay [Down in Mexico]
Tango With Me Darling [ Tango]
Tartin’ Around [Girls Night Out]
Teddy Bear’s Picnic [Teddy Bear & Too Much (Medley)]
Telepathy [You Can’t Read My Mind]
Tell The World
Tennessee Waltz Surprise [Tennessee Waltz]
Tennessee Whiskey
Tequila, Sherry And Sheila [Wish She Would Have Left Quicker]
Tequila Sundown
Test Of Faith [Calling your Name][Trust Me This is Love]
Texas Echo
Texas Time (Choreo: Birchall & Jax)
Texas Time (Choreo: Talbot)
Thanks For The Waltz [Our Song]
Thank You
That Good That Bad
That Honky-Tonking [Country Music Made Me Do It]
That's How Country Boys Roll
That’s Me
That’s Right Mambo [Man Smart, Woman Smarter]
The Belle Of Liverpool
The Best Part Of The Day [The Best Part Of The Day Is The Night]
The Big One
The Boat To Liverpool [On The Boat To Liverpoolf]
The Bomp [who Put The Bomp]
The Captain [Wellerman]
The Chain Of Love
The Everly Medley
The Happiness [The Happines]
The Hotdog Boogie [Move It On Over]
The King And I [Too Good To Be True]
The Lambeth Walk
The Little Shirt [Little Shirt Me Mother Made for Me]
The Orchid [I Overlooked an Orchid]
The Outback [The Outback Club]
The Promise
The Real Deal [Baby I’m Right]
The Right Track [All The Way]
The Riverina [Down In The Riverina]
The Rock & Roll Waltz [Rock & Roll Waltz]
The Same Eyes [The Same Eyes That Always Drove Me Crazy]
The Tulsa Shuffle
The Waltz Queen [Queen of the Waltz]
The Wanderer
The Worst 15 Minutes [15 Minutes]
There Goes My Everything
Thinking Whiskey [Whiskey Thinking I Am]
This Is Me
This Is Our Waltz [This is our Dance]
Those Aren’t Tears [Those Aren't Tears (In My Eyes)]
Three Quarter Time [West Texas Waltz]
Three Way Love Affair
Tight Jeans [Tight Fitting Jeans]
Til Forever [From Here Til Forever]
Till Sun Up [Baila Baila (Paradise Dance Mix)]
Til The Neons Gone
'Til You Can't
Tin Man [Robot Man]
Tiny Bubbles
Tipperary Girls [Tipperary Girl]
Titanic [My Heart Will Go On]
To Daddy
Todays The Day [Better Than Today]
Toespdf icon    
Tonight Ain’t Monday It’s Friday [It’s Friday]
Tonight Cowboy You’re Mine
Tonight We Might [Tonight We Just Might Fall in Love Again]
Too Late [Tuscon Too Late]
Toot Toot [Morning Train (Nine to Five)]
Touch Of Mexico [Mexican Girl]
Trail Of Tears
Train Swing [Lover Please]
Train Wreck [Can't Let Go]
Travellin’ Man
Treat Her Right
Triples [Never Giving up on Love][Noen Moon][As Long as I'm Rockin’]
Trouble With Treble [All About That Bass]
Tropical Countrypdf icon    
Try Everything
Turn Me Around [Like You Always Could Do]
Turn It On Cowboy [Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose]
Turn Out The Lights [Love Me Tonight Turn Out The Lights]
Tush Push [Chattahoochee]
Turn To Me
Tuscon Too Late
Twist & Turns [Tomorrow Never Comes]
Twisting The Night Away
Two Steppin’ Blues [Two Step Your Baby’s Blues Away]

U On My Mind [Jones On The Jukebox]
U Turn [Your Heart Turned Left (and I was on the Right)]
Unburnable [Bridge That You Won;t Burn]
Unlock My Heart [Unlove Me]
Under The Influence [Under The Influence Of Love]
Under The Sun
Under Your Spell
Unmendable [Some Broken Hearts]
UR Cheating Heart

Vaya Con Dios (My Darling)
Velvet Waters
Vertical Expression [Vertical Expression (of Horizontal Desire)]
Voodoo Jive (32 count) [Voodoo Voodoo]
Voodoo Jive (64 count) [Voodoo Voodoo]
Voulez Vous Danser

Wait A Minute
Wagon Wheel Rock [Wagon Wheel]
Wagon Wheel Wock [Wagon Wheel]
Wake Me Up
Wake Me Up And Stay [Wake Me Up]
Wake Up Little Susiepdf icon    
Walk All Over You [These Boots Are Made for Walking]
Walk Away [How Long]
Walk Back To Me [Where You Gonna Go]
Walkin' A Mile [Walk A Country Mile]
Walking Back To My Baby [Walking Back to Babys Arms]
Walking In The Rain
Walk In The Country
Walking In The Sunshine
Walking On The Wave [Walking On The Waves]
Walk The Way The Wind Blows
Waltz Across Texas
Waltz Over Belsize [Les Bicyclettes De Belsize]
Wanderer [The Wanderer]
Wandering Hearts [Wish I could]
Wanna Be Elvis [Elvis Tonight]
Want Me Too
Was She Spyin' [That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me]
Watcha Reckon [Whatcha Reckon]
Water Logged
Water Off A Ducks Back [A Little Bit of You]
We Are Done
We Are Done Easy
We Believe [Rivers of Gold]
Weekdays [Except for Monday]
Wee Liza Jane [Liza Jane]
We’ll Dance
We Only Live Once
We're Good To Go [Good To Go]
We Only Live Once Easy [We Only Live Once]
Western Cha Cha [Land Of Enchantment]
What Cha Reckon [Whatcha Reckon] (Intermediate) (Choreo - Teather)
Whatcha Reckon (Improver) (Choreo - Talbot)
What Happens Next [Next Girl]
What Have I Done
What If I Said Goodbye [What If I Say Goodbye]
What Made You Say That
What You Got [Whatchugot]
Whenever You’re Lonely [Run to Me]
When Will I Be Loved
When You Dance With Me
When You Smile (Absolute Beginner)
When You Smile (High Beginner)
Where I Wanna Be [Let Me Be There]
Where Oh Where [Where Did My Baby Go]
Whiskey Girl [Damn Drunk]
Whiskey Instead Of Wine [Weed Instead of Roses]
Whiskeys Gone [Whiskey’s Gone]
Whiskey Under The Bridge
Whiskey Wiggle (Partner dance)
Whispering Your Name [She’s Not You]
White Wine Flowers & Old Songs [Maledetta Primavera] [Happy Xmas (War is Over)]
Who Did You Call Darlin’
Why Don’t We Just Dance
Wild Card 18 [Better Bad Idea]
Wildflowers (Bloom Where They Grow)
Wild Heart [Runaround Sue]
Wild Kisses [Serious Love]
Winter Winds
Women On The Move
Wonder [Memory Lane]
Woolshed Waltz [Own Heart's Delight]
Working For The Man
Worth A Shot
Would You Be Vine [I Love You Too Much]
Wranglers Butts [Wrangler Butts]
Wrapped Up Good

Yeeee Haaaaa [Country Roads]
Yellow Rose [A Single Yellow Rose]
Yellow Rose Of Texas [I’ll Settle For Old Ireland]
Yellow Roses
Yes M'am No M'am [If I Ever Get You Back]
Yes Sir That’s My Baby
You Ain't
You Ain’t Never
You Ain’t Woman Enough
You And I
You & Me [We Walk In The Sunshine]
You Can Bet Your Boots
You Can Hear A Heart Break (Beginner)
You Can Hear A Heart Break (Intermediate)
You Can't Stop the Music [Can't Stop the Music]
You Got Gold
You Lied [You Lied To Me]
You Make Me Smile [Smile]
You Need To Calm Down
Young Again
Younger Men
You Got Away
You’re My Best Friend
You’re My Jamaica
You’re My World
You’re Only Young Once
You’re The One

Zjozzy's Funk [Bacco Per Bacco]
Zydeco Lady

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