Feeling Kinda Lonely [Feeling Kinda Lonely Tonight]
Never Gonna Grow Up [I Ain't Gotta Grow Up]
Crystal Touch [Slow Hand]
Double R Dee [River Road Dream]
Mama & Daddy
Absolutely [Absolutely Everybody]
Martha Divine
I Swear
Ain't Love A Lot Like That
Keep Up
Almost Jamaica (Choreo - Firth & Halls - 64 count)
Almost Jamaica (Choreo -Napier - 32 count)
Half Past Tipsy [1 2 Many]
Oh Yeah [Blame it on Your Heart]
Wildflowers (Bloom Where They Grow)
Cruel Intentions [Don't Be Cruel]
A Country State Of Mind [Country State Of Mind]
Vaya Con Dios (My Darling)
Little Bluff [You Lied To me]
It Never Rains [It Never Rains in Southern California]
Galway John
Romeo Tonight [Romeo]
For The Longest Time [The Longest Time]
Jive Time [Way It Should Be]
Behind Those City Lights [City Lights]
Marli's Dance [Roller Coaster]
One Margarita
50 Reasons (to depend on me) [You Can Depend On Me]
Blame It On The Wine
Crazy Nights In Dublin Town [Temple Bar]
Little Less Broken
A Drink In My Hand
You Make Me Smile [Smile]
Getcha Girl [Getcha]
Southern Nights [Best if speed increased by 10%, otherwise too slow]