Live Laugh & Line Dance
I've Seen It All [All I Need To See]
Places & Faces [Take Me Home]
Drink Drank Drunk
Right or Wrong [Choreo - Elliott]
Pick Her Up
Outta Salt [Salt]
In Our Blood
Salt n Lime [original]
Salt n Lime [version with no turns]
When You Smile (Absolute Beginner)
When You Smile (High Beginner)
No Particular Place To Go
Neon Vegas Lights [Dance With Me]
Ain't Gonna Bottle It Up
Da Doo Ron Ron
Don't Cry Bachata [Don't Wanna See You Cry]
Every Other Memory
The Captain [Wellerman]
Toot Toot [Morning Train (Nine to Five)]
Rollin' Home
Kacey's Moon [Neon Moon]
Spinning Wheel [The Spinning Wheel]
Far Side Banks Of Jordan
Do What You Can