Telling On My Heart EZ
Tell On You [Your Cheating Heart]
Valentine Waltz
A Cold Beer [Half of Me]
Concrete & Country
Mama & Me [Mamas]
These Boots [Honky Tonkin' About]
Around The Fire [Old Country Barn]
When You're Drunk [I Hate You When You're Drunk]
The Honky Tonk Highway [Honky Tonk Highway]
Where The Wild Things Are (Intermediate)
Where The Wild Things Are (Beginner)
New Friends
The Morning After
Waterloo Remix [Waterloo]
Dust to Dust [Dust]
Always Will [ Always Have, Always Will]

Don't Worry Baby (Beginner) [Love Done Gone]
Don't Worry Baby (improver)
Thorn in my Side
Come In [Come In (But Don't Make Yourself Comfortable)]
Too Late [Tuscon Too Late]
Christmas Twist
Our Love Is Alive (Stumblin' In) [Stumblin' In]
Candle In The Wind
Faded Dreams [Ain't Got A Shot]
Christmas Rock
I'd Tap That [Tap That]
Don't Set Me Free [Foolish Heart]
Give My Love To Rose
2-Stepping Around [Dancing to a Heartbreak Song]
Five O'Clock Somewhere [It's Five O'Clock Somewhere]
Givin' Up Breathin'
I Hope It's Hot Out [Hope It's Hot Out]
When You're Tipsy [I Hate You When You're Drunk]
My Broken Heart [Broken Heart]
Brown-Eyed Girl
5 Leaf Clover
21 Forever
Cross My Heart [Don't Be Cruel]
Straight Line
What Heroes Do
Line Dancing. Its fun and easy so go for it
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