Honey I’m Good (Choreo: Lefebour & Lamb)
Double Down Two Step [Chip and a Chair]
Down On Your Uppers
Kokomo Cocktails [Kokomo]
On This Night [On This Night of a Thousand Stars]
Perfect - Easy [Perfect]
Sleepy Eyes [Blue Bayou]
Lonely Lady (Choreo: Blankenship/Sholes)
Ur Cheating Heart
Eyes For You [I don’t Want Nobody To Have My Love But You]
Got It Wrong Cupid [Cupid]
Clap Ya Hands [Happy Man]
Soggy Bottom Summer
Sweet Hurt
Whiskey Under The Bridge
Midnight Walk [Walkin’ After Midnight]
Are You Missing Me [Missing]
Aces And Eights [Full House, Empty Heart]
Hookin’ Up
Drinkin’ Bone Boogie [Drinkin’ Bone]
Feel The Beat
Pavement Ends - The Florida Dance [Where The Pavement Ends]
Smoke & Mirrors [Sleepin’ Around]
Golden Wedding Ring [Golden Ring]
Kleen Boots [Country Ain’t Never Been Pretty]
Cheap Cologne AB
One Step, Two Step [One Step Forward]
Dance All Night
All The King’s Horses [Out of Sight]
Sweet Caroline
Can’t Even Get The Blues [Can’t Even Get The Blues No More]
Baby Why Not Tonight [Why Not Tonight]
It’s Only Midnight
Alice [Living Next Door To Alice]
Wild Card 18 [Better Bad Idea]
Head In The Sky
Just A Kiss (Choreo: Robbie McGowan Hickie)
Coming Home AB
Cowboy For A Night EZ
Feet On The Floor [Head In The Sky]
Outside Looking In
Mr Jukebox
Get It Right [Hard Not To Love It]
Out Of Sight
Must Be The Whiskey
A Double Whiskey [That Was The Whiskey]
Simple As [Simple]
Girl With The Fishing Rod
Down At The Honky Tonk [Down To The Honky Tonk]
Joey On The Fiddle
A Thousand Stars [Ten Guitars]
Bright Lights And Country Music
Amaze Me Grace [Amazing Grace]
Hey Senorita AB
Have I Told You [Have I Told You Lately, That I Love You]