South Australia
It Feels Like Rock ’n Roll
Wild Heart [Runaround Sue]
Sinner [Sinners]
Little Liza Jane [Liza Jane]
Fading Lights [Little By Little]
First In Line [I Want To Be The First One]
Patsy Fagan
A Kind Of Hush [There’s A Kind of Hush]
Lights On The Hill
Big Blue Tree
The Bomp [Who Put The Bomp]
Always 17 [Seventeen]
Marvin Gaye
Jim and Jack and Hank
Hidalgo Boogie
Greater Than Me [Greater]
A Heavenly Body
Better Than Ever [Better Than You Left Me]
Bicycle Waltz Too [Les Bicyclettes De Belsize]
We Only Live Once - Easy
Sweet Talk
No More Teardrops
Talking To Her Memory [Talkin’ To Her Memory Again]
Long Time Gone
We Only Live Once
Sing Me [Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song]
Hush Little Baby [Summertime (Up Tempo version)]
High & Dry
Shiki Boom Boom
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Tell The World
Let’s Dance
Cowboy Joe [Ratime CowboyJoe]
I Love Her So Much [How Could I Love Her So Much]
Jump On An Easy Ride [Don’t Turn Around (SC version)]
Each Season [Each Season Changes You]
Follow Your Arrow
Mary Mary [Mary]
Waltz Over Belsize [Les Bicyclettes De Belsize]
Three Way Love Affair
Her Memory [Talkin’ To Her Memory Again]
Under The Influence [Under The Influence Of Love]
No Trouble [Old Dan Tucker]
A Little Bitty Baby [Cottonfields]
Take Hold Of My Hand
Stories We Could Tell
Tequila, Sherry and Sheila [Wish She Would Have Left Quicker]
Talking To Her Memory [Talkin’ To Her Memory Again]
New Shade of Blue