Bar Room 2 Step [Victim Of Life’s Circumstances]
Take It Easy [Andante, Andante]
The Real Deal [Baby I’m Right]
Tin Man [Robot Man]
Little Fiesta
Teddy Bear’s Picnic [Teddy Bear & Too Much (Medley)]
Love Is Like [Love Is]
The Everly Medley
Boiling Point [Burning Love]
I’m Good At Leaving
Here’s To Us
Stop Starting At My Eyes [Boobs]
Lonely Girl
Lay Low
Let It Be You
I Always Will
On The Waves [Walking on the Wave]
Bring On The Good Times
Bring Down The House
If You Ever Gonna Love Me [I’ll Be There]
Stomping Out A Rhythm [Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me]
Green Door
Carry You Home
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood [We’re Here To Stay]
Sweet Little Lisa
Gypsy Queen
Some Girls Will [Some Girls Will, Some Girls Won’t]
Boots On
Gypsy Queen AB
I Love You
One Call Away (Choreo - Shelly Zimmerman)
Simple Things [Back To The Simple Things]
Built To Last [Under The Hood]