Love Is In The Air
Blackpool By The Sea
You Lied [You Lied To Me]
Drift Away
Wee Liza Jane [Liza Jane]
Ring Of Fire [Burning Ring of Fire]
Nobody’s Fool [Nobody’s Fool But Yours]
Need No Sunshine [Bar Room Roses]
Talk Back [Talk Back Trembling Lips]
Cowboy For A Night
East To West 17 [Play That Song]
Joana [Come Early Morning]
Lets Turn Back The Years
You’re The One
Beyond The Sea
Dig Your Heels [Here’s To You & I]
You’re Only Young Once
Whiskey Girl
My Ladies Rhumba [Hear My Song]
Dance With Me [Crash and Burn] (Choreo - Linda Burgess)
Try Everything
S T One [Still The One]
Water Off A Ducks Back [A Little Bit of You]
Hold On [Up]
EZ Tango With Me Darling [ Tango]
Beautiful Day [A Beautiful Day]
There Goes My Everything
Bored [Bored to Death]
Champagne Promise
The Chain Of Love
Lonely Drum
Sweet Dreams Baby [Dream Baby]
Some Days You Gotta Dance
Let It Swing
Ride Away [Ride With Me]